Top Ways to Avoid a Fatal Loomis Trucking Accident

Top Ways to Avoid a Fatal Loomis Trucking Accident

Top Ways to Avoid a Fatal Loomis Trucking Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Loomis truck accident lawyer. As residents of Loomis know, a collision with a big truck can cause devastating injuries. With its close proximity to Interstate 80 and California State Route 65, townspeople are no strangers to collisions between passenger vehicles and large trucks. Because the number of trucks on the road has increased in an improved economy, the risks of being involved in a big truck accident rise as well.

Fatalities in Collisions with Big Rigs

Big trucks weigh between 20 and 30 times more than a passenger vehicle, which increases the danger to those who are involved in a crash. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 3,986 people died in collisions with big trucks in 2016. Seventy-three percent of those fatalities were due to collisions with tractor-trailers as opposed to other types of large trucks. Following are some of the most common characteristics in truck accidents in 2016:

  • 32 percent of truck collisions occurred along freeways and interstates, while 60 percent happened along other major roadways.
  • 46 percent of all accidents that involved big rigs happened between the hours of 6:00 in the morning and 3:00 in the afternoon.
  • The highest percentage of fatalities due to accidents involving big rigs occurred on Saturdays and Sundays at 19 percent. The lowest rate of collisions took place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • The most significant number of crashes with big trucks, resulting in fatalities, were two-vehicle accidents.
  • 62 percent of the collisions between a motor vehicle and big trucks that ended with a fatality were front-end collisions. When an accident caused by a negligent truck driver results in the loss of a loved one, the family may be able to pursue a wrongful death claim.

Avoiding a Collision With a Big Rig

Because big trucks such as tractor-trailers are much larger, heavier and more cumbersome to drive than passenger vehicles, they are less maneuverable and require a longer stopping distance. Aside from errors made by a truck driver, a few useful tips may help a motorist on the road avoid a collision:

  • Never drive too closely in front of a large truck. Not only do big rigs have blind spots in front and back, but the driver also may not realize another vehicle is there. If a passenger vehicle stops quickly in front, the driver of the big rig will probably not be able to stop in sufficient time to avoid a collision.
  • Avoid tailgating because if the big rig has to stop or slow down suddenly, it can result in an underride accident with the passenger car behind it. Underride accidents have been proven to have a high fatality rate as the vehicle passes underneath the truck and is crushed.
  • Stay out of a truck driver’s blind spots. Not only do big rigs have blind spots in front and back, but they also have enormous blind spots on the sides, particularly the right side. Those who pace a big rig by driving alongside one may risk the driver forgetting the vehicle is there. This can be disastrous if the truck suddenly changes lanes. In addition, when passing a big rig, don’t dawdle for the same reason.
  • Be careful of wide turns. Because big rigs are so long, particularly if it is a tandem, they require more room to turn at corners and on sharp curves. This can cause a tractor-trailer to have to swing into the next lane in order to make that turn. It is best to give the driver plenty of room to make that maneuver.

Loomis Truck Accident & Personal Injury Lawyer

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