Tips to Increase Motorcycle Safety

Tips to Increase Motorcycle Safety

Tips to Increase Motorcycle Safety

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento motorcycle accident attorney. Motorcycle riders are familiar with the dangers of riding a bike in California. In 2016, there were 842,106 motorcycles registered in the state. However, there were also over 14.5 million motor vehicles registered as well. That makes the odds of a motorcyclist being in a collision with a motor vehicle much higher. A large part of the problem is visibility, and motorists who are in an accident frequently say they never saw the motorcycle. The following information offers ideas to help a motorcyclist stay safer and become more visible to drivers.

Choose a More Visible Color in a Bike

Black motorcycles are more difficult to spot on cloudy days and after dark. Although black has always been popular among motorcyclists, choosing a different color in a bike such as white or red increases the odds that you’ll be spotted by other motorists.

California Motorcycle Safety Program (CMSP)

This program, which is administered by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), consists of 15 hours of instruction with five of those hours conducted in the classroom. Although it is mandatory for California motorcyclists under the age of 21, any motorcycle rider would benefit from the instruction. Areas covered begin with basic skills and progress to emergency tactics to avoid a collision.

Approved Helmets

All California motorcyclists, including their passengers, are required to wear a helmet under California Vehicle Code 27803. All helmets must be in compliance with Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218. Those standards include an inner lining of one-inch minimum, composed of polystyrene foam, a minimal weight of three pounds, chin straps attached by rivets and no helmet protrusions of more than 1/5th of an inch. According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, 1,772 lives were saved in 2015 because the riders were wearing helmets. Since traumatic brain injury is a major reason for fatalities among motorcyclists, having a good fitting, and a protective helmet is important.

Reflective Tape or Clothing

Reflective tape is an inexpensive way to make yourself more visible. Apply it to not only your helmet but your clothing. There are many companies that offer reflective and neon gear in everything from gloves to vests, jackets, armbands, and helmets.

Clothing With Built-In Air Bags

This type of clothing is on the pricey side but comes in everything from vests and jackets to full body suits. Durable and lightweight, these suits inflate at the moment of impact by using electronic sensors and are self-contained. Clothing that is armed with airbags can help protect against broken bones, road rash, and abdominal trauma.

Adding LED Lights

Some helmets now come equipped with built-in LED lighting that raises the visibility of a motorcycle rider. Some come with rear-view cameras and can even call a loved one or 911 when the rider is in an accident. Add-on LED lights with extra features are also available to put on an existing motorcycle helmet, which keeps the price down. This extra visibility can go a long way toward making a rider more visible.

Antilock Brakes

Locking up the brakes in an emergency is a major cause of motorcycle crashes. Antilock brakes are a good idea since they add little weight and are there for emergency situations.

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