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April 26, 2019
Edward Smith

Tips About Rental Car Accidents

Rental car accidents can cause concern when trying to figure out who will pay for injuries and vehicle damage. Rentals are often used when your own vehicle is being repaired. They are also used by many for business trips or while on vacation. Knowing what is covered and what is not if you are involved in a crash is important. We will explore the options for insurance coverage of rental cars below. This way, you will not be caught unaware if an accident occurs and can handle it like a champ.

Options for Rental Car Insurance Coverage

Since you are renting the vehicle, you must return it in the same condition. This does not matter if the damage was caused by an accident that was someone else’s fault. According to U.S. News and World Report, when rental car accidents occur, there are several options open to you to cover the damage to the vehicle. These are your insurance coverage, insurance supplied by the rental company or paying for it by using your credit card.

Rental Company Coverage

Added insurance is usually offered by rental companies when you elect to rent a vehicle. There are four supplemental policies that are available, and which ones you choose can depend on your personal motor vehicle coverage.

Liability in Rental Car Accidents

Usually, rental companies offer coverage for liability if an accident is your fault. This kicks in if you cause a rental vehicle accident and will cover medical costs and property damage to the other person’s vehicle. If you own your own vehicle or drive, you probably already have liability coverage. However, if you have the 15/30 insurance, which is the minimum required in California, it might not cover all of the expenses in rental car accidents. In addition, if you are renting a vehicle for an extended period, your own policy might not provide the amount of coverage. This is true especially if serious injuries occur.

Damage Waivers

Car rental agencies offer a damage waiver, which means that if the vehicle is damaged, they will waive the costs for repairs or replacement. It also covers vehicle theft. There are exceptions to this coverage. If another person who wasn’t authorized was behind the wheel of the vehicle at the time of an accident, the damage waiver would not go into effect. In addition, committing traffic infractions such as speeding or reckless driving, which contributed to the accident, would void the waiver. Your personal insurance policy might carry the same coverage so you may want to check before paying for this.

Coverage for Personal Effects

People who travel, especially on business or vacation, take along clothing, their cell phones, and other items. This type of coverage will cover that if it becomes damaged or lost. However, renter’s and homeowner’s insurance provide the same coverage.

Personal Insurance

The insurance on your car generally covers liability for rental car accidents. If you are already insured for collision damage and liability, you may have to provide your policy number and name of insurer before you rent a vehicle.

Accident Coverage Through Using a Credit Card

When using major credit cards, you might be automatically covered for vehicle rentals. However, liability coverage is usually not included, and this is the most important type. You can check the agreement for your credit card to see what type of coverage it includes before opting out of the rental company insurance.

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