Tibial Dislocation in a Child

 Tibial Dislocaton in a Child

Tibial Dislocation in a Child

I’m Ed Smith, a Car Accident Attorney in Sacramento. The human body is a complex network of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and nerves. All of these parts must work together in perfect harmony to provide a body with the structure and function it needs. An example of this is the structure of how the body’s various joints fit together. Many different types of joints perform multiple functions. Examples include:

  • Ball and Socket Joint: This joint provides a high degree of freedom. In this joint, the head of one bone slides into the socket of another. In place, the “ball” can move in almost every direction, depending on the tightness of the cavity. An example is a humerus, which slides into the socket of the shoulder.
  • Hinge Joint: In a hinge joint, two bones are connected to each other and can swing like a door. This provides a significant amount of freedom in one direction with limited mobility in any other direction. Think about how the lower leg moves about the upper thigh.
  • Pivot Joint: In this joint, one bone can “spin” over the top of another. One example of a pivot joint is the neck, where the head rotates on top of the spine.

Any damage to a joint has the potential to limit mobility severely. Furthermore, because joints depend on delicate connections between bones, muscles, tendons, and ligaments, damage to any of these can lead to chronic problems. A recent case report put all of this into perspective.

A Case Report: Tibial Dislocation in a Child

A team of doctors recently published a case report where they discuss a severe injury that a 9-year-old boy sustained to his tibia. He was riding in the front passenger seat of a car when another vehicle collided with his door at high speed. This resulted in a collapse of the side of the car where the child was seated. His right leg was pinned between the passenger door and the front of his seat. Emergency personnel were called to the scene of the accident and extricated him. Doctors evaluated him at a hospital and was diagnosed with a dislocation of his tibia and talus, also known as the ankle. Doctors took him to the operating room to repair his injury. Over the next few years, medical professionals periodically evaluated him to provide intense physical therapy.  He had trouble changing direction over the top of his injured ankle, making sports difficult. While he never made a full recovery, he was able to walk and run effectively.

With the Help of an Attorney

When a child is injured, it is expected for parents to feel worried about the recovery process. With severe injuries, some children may never make a full recovery. This can leave parents concerned about the future. Meeting with an experienced car accident attorney in Sacramento can be helpful.

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