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Three People Seriously Injured in Citrus Heights Accident

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November 09, 2017
Edward Smith


Three People Seriously Injured in Citrus Heights Accident

I’m Ed Smith, a Citrus Heights car accident lawyer. An accident near where Highland Avenue meets Sunrise Boulevard caused multiple injuries in a crash between two vehicles. 

Accident Details

According to police in Citrus Heights, the accident occurred yesterday, November 8, 2017, slightly after noon when one vehicle that was traveling north at Sunrise jumped over the grassy median, and hit another vehicle heading south on the boulevard in the vicinity of Highland Avenue. Both vehicles were damaged in the crash, and three people suffered multiple injuries. They were transported to a medical facility for treatment. At the time of this report, there is no word about the nature of the injuries or the victim’s prognosis.

Traffic Closings

According to authorities, the southbound lane of Sunrise was closed from Sayonara Drive and  Oak Avenue, and no time when it reopen was given. Traffic in the northerly direction on Sunrise was closed but opened within 60 minutes.


While police were on the scene yesterday, no information as to why the accident happened or if drugs or alcohol was involved had been released. Investigative efforts are ongoing.

Investigation of an Accident Scene

After a vehicular crash, investigative efforts are set in motion. Initially, police at the scene try to determine if traffic infractions or criminal activity such as drunk driving or driving while impaired by drugs took place. Independent investigations as to who was responsible for the accident are generally carried out by individuals hired by the insurance company and accident reconstruction experts for the plaintiff and/or defendant in the crash.

Inspection begins at the accident site with the position of the vehicles after the crash as well as evidence concerning the impact and marks left on the pavement are measured using electronic equipment. Vehicles are examined for damage, and mechanical components such as tires, brakes and steering are checked to see if defects existed. Using the information gathered in the investigation, an accident reconstruction report can be developed. For more information contact an experienced Citrus Heights car accident lawyer.

Median Crossover Accidents

Some of the most dangerous types of accidents involve a motor vehicle crossing over a median or line in the road and entering traffic going in the opposite direction. The type of collision varies, however, head on collisions are most common. Head on crashes happen more often in rural areas and account for 13 percent of fatal accidents.

Reasons for Median Crossover Accidents

Median crossover accidents can happen due to distraction on the part of the driver. Inattention accounts for 18 percent of injuries and 10 percent of fatal crashes nationwide, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(916) 921-6400. Driving while impaired or falling asleep at the wheel are other causative factors in median crossover accidents. On occasion, a medical emergency or defective mechanical elements in a vehicle can be responsible for a crossover median accident.

Injuries in Crossover Accidents

Depending on whether a head-on collision or other type of motor vehicle accident occurred, a variety of injuries are possible. Head on collisions are often fatal, but when they are not, catastrophic injuries are possible such as traumatic brain injury. Side impact collisions result in pelvic and upper leg fractures, commonly known as femur fractures. Rollovers, often seen after impact, can cause roof crush injuries as well as spinal damage. If a seat belt is not in use, ejection from the vehicle occurs during a rollover and often results in death.

Citrus Heights Car Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Citrus Heights car accident lawyer. If you were injured in a median crossover accident or if a loved one died, you might need the experience of a seasoned injury lawyer. Phone me at (916) 921-6400 in the area and at (800) 404-5400 nationwide for my friendly and free advice. If you’d rather, you can fill out a contact form here at, a website I established and own.

I’ve worked with clients throughout Northern California as well as those in Citrus Heights in wrongful death claims and traumatic injuries. Whether it’s a truck or pedestrian accident, I am ready to assist my clients to get maximum compensation for their injuries.

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