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Three Injured in Victory Park Car Accident

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August 16, 2019
Edward Smith

Three Injured in Victory Park Car Accident

Three people were injured in a Victory Park car accident on the afternoon of August 13, 2019. The car accident occurred around 3:00 p.m. at the intersection of Willow Street and Pershing Avenue in Stockton. The crash involved a Volkswagen Jetta, Ford Ranger pickup, and Saturn SUV. The Saturn came to a rest on its roof on the front yard of a home in the area while the Ford and Volkswagen came to a rest just a few feet away from the Saturn. A signpost and a stop sign at the intersection was knocked down in the crash. Three people involved in the accident were taken to the hospital for treatment of unspecified injuries. Officials have not yet released an update regarding the conditions of those injured.

What to Do After a Victory Park Car Accident

Car accidents can happen when least expected. They can leave you in a state of shock and confusion. It may be challenging to know what to do after such situations. Some things should be done to ensure your wellbeing and legal rights after a crash. These include:

  • Stop and Contact Police: Officials should be contacted to the scene of an accident involving property damage or personal injury. While awaiting the arrival of authorities, move your vehicle to a safe location if it poses a danger to oncoming traffic. Provide a statement to the police of your account of the crash and request for a traffic collision report to be taken. Follow up with officials soon after the accident to request a copy of the report. When it is ready, submit it to your insurer for your claim.
  • Seek Medical Attention: Check yourself and your passengers for injuries after a crash. If there are serious injuries involved, do not hesitate to request emergency personnel at the scene. Until help arrives, be sure to take care of yourself and others as needed. If first responders are not required, schedule an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible. If you experience any dizziness, pain, or unusual symptoms after the crash, be sure to let your physician know. Your primary provider will examine you and order tests as needed to ensure you are fine.
  • Exchange Information: Drivers are required to stop and exchange information with others involved in a crash. This includes driver’s license information, addresses, vehicle license plate number, registration, and insurance carrier and policy number.
  • Witnesses: If anyone witnessed the crash, take down their contact information. Witness testimony may prove invaluable in your case.
  • Collect Evidence: If possible, gather evidence while at the scene of an auto accident. This may help prove liability on the part of the other driver. If you can take photos of the crash site, be sure to take those including damage to the cars involved and road marks. When exchanging information, do not apologize for the crash. This may be taken out of context by insurance claims adjusters as an admission of guilt.
  • Preserve Evidence: If a vehicle overturned in a crash and resulted in catastrophic injuries, it is critical to hold onto that car until a lawyer examines it. It may be possible that the injuries sustained in the collision may have been exacerbated by a vehicle defect, such as deficient roof crush resistance in a rollover accident. Automakers are required to follow the roof crush requirements listed under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 216. If this standard is not followed, the automaker may be held financially responsible for resulting losses through an auto products liability claim.
  • Contact Your Insurer: A personal injury claim may involve multiple insurance carriers, including the negligent driver’s liability insurance and your own uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. It is essential to notify your insurer of the accident immediately to protect your rights under the policy. Most insurance companies may dispute your claim if they are not informed promptly.

In every personal injury case, one of the first things to check is whether there is enough insurance to cover an injured person’s damages. To learn how this is done, watch the below video.

Do I Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

After an auto accident, you may be contacted by the insurance company of the other driver. If you receive paperwork from the insurer, have an attorney look it over first before signing it. Insurance claims adjusters are focused on their bottom line. In other words, they want to give you the lowest settlement offer possible for your personal injury claim. If that offer is accepted, it may not fully cover the extent of the financial and intangible harms you have suffered. Have an experienced Stockton personal injury attorney determine a fair settlement that will cover all aspects of your personal injury damages.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Stockton

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton personal injury lawyer. Being injured in a car accident may feel overwhelming, particularly when high medical expenses and time lost from work are involved. If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in an auto accident caused by the negligent acts of another driver, please call me at (209) 227-1931 or toll-free at (800) 404-5400 to receive my free, friendly advice.

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