Three Fatalities and Injuries Occur in Davis Wrong-Way Crash

Driver Enters I-80 Exit Ramp and Causes Head-On Collision

A wrong-way crash in Davis on September 25 caused three fatalities and two major injuries. The accident happened on westbound I-80 when the driver of an Infiniti entered the highway going in the wrong direction near Richard Boulevard around 3:10 a.m. According to the report issued by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the Infiniti crashed head-on into a Hyundai. 

Three People Killed in Wrong-Way Crash While Two Suffer Serious Injuries

The accident killed three people in the Infiniti, while two others sustained major trauma and were transported to UC Davis Medical Center for treatment. Although the names of the deceased have not yet been released, the Infiniti driver was identified as a woman from Fairfield, age 31, and the passenger who also died was a Fairfield resident, age 27. The Hyundai was driven by a man from Petaluma, age 30. 

Authorities Have Not Ruled Out Alcohol as a Factor in the Wrong-Way Crash

Those who were injured in the crash were Sacramento and Oakland residents, ages 31 and 36. Investigators into the cause of the crash have not yet ruled out alcohol consumption as a factor in the fatal wrong-way collision. The CHP is requesting that anyone with information on the collision contact them at (800) 835-5347 or call (707) 639-5600, which is the Solano CHP office. 

Drunk Driving Is a Major Cause of a Wrong-Way Crash

When a drunk driver causes a wrong-way accident and others in their vehicle and the other car are hurt or killed as a result, the injured parties or families may place a claim to recover compensation. Because wrong-way collisions are so dangerous due to the speeds of both vehicles combined upon impact, serious trauma and fatalities are common. 

Injuries in this type of collision may include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries can result in long-term hospitalization, surgeries and even lead to coma or death. The medical costs for TBIs can be astronomical, and families normally do not have the financial wherewithal to take care of their injured relative at home.
  • Spinal cord trauma can cause temporary or permanent paralysis. The extent of paralysis depends on where the injury occurred but can be from the neck or waist down. Those who suffer spinal cord damage often can no longer work and require round-the-clock care and continued medical attention.
  • Serious bone fractures can occur in a wrong-way crash, such as to the pelvis, femur or other locations that are more difficult to heal. Because of the impact of the crash, there may be multiple bone fractures to deal with, which makes healing more difficult.
  • Chest or abdominal trauma causes serious injuries to internal organs, bleeding and the possibility of a punctured lung or contusion to the heart. These types of injuries often require emergency surgical repair.

When a serious accident injury or fatality is caused by a negligent driver in a wrong-way accident, you need the help of an attorney to get the compensation you deserve. By recovering damages for the medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering or by filing a wrongful death claim, it allows the injured party or family to get justice for their loss and avoid financial difficulties.

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