Thousand Oaks On-Ramp Accident Under Investigation


Thousand Oaks On-Ramp Accident Under Investigation

I’m Ed Smith, a Thousand Oaks car accident lawyer. On Friday, May 12, an accident occurred on a Thousand Oaks on-ramp. No information has been released on the condition of the accident victim, and the crash is being investigated as to the cause. I want to extend my sympathy to the victim and his or her family, along with my wish for a speedy recovery.

What Happened

The crash occurred just after 12 o’clock noon when a Honda, described as either black or gray, collided with a pole on the on-ramp for Hillcrest Drive that leads to northbound California State Route 23. Paramedics and an ambulance arrived at the scene to offer assistance.

Ramp Related Accidents

According to the U.S National Library of Medicine and the National Center for Biotechnology Information, on and off ramps are a major scene of accidents in the United States. After reviewing a group of 1,150 accidents, the following observations were made:

  • About 36 percent of crashes happened when vehicles were entering the highway from the on-ramp
  • 50 percent of accidents occurred when drivers were exiting the highway via an off-ramp
  • About 16 percent of the accidents occurred on access roads

Types of Accidents

The study showed the prevalence of three major crash types, including rear-end accidents, cut-off crashes and those that involved a run-off-the-road type of incident. The types were then categorized according to whether they were predominantly associated with on or off ramps. In this cohort, run-off-the-road accidents were most often found on off-ramps, while both sideswipe and rear-end accidents happen most often on on-ramps.

Conditions Favoring On- and Off-Ramp Accidents

This study showed that certain conditions were often found in on- and off-ramp accidents. These include:

Merging Traffic

One of the dangers associated with on-ramp usage occurs due to the need to merge with traffic already on the highway. In addition, drivers need to speed up immediately after merging. Drivers need to be sure there is an adequate break in traffic before merging.

Leaving the Highway

Being alert to traffic flow when attempting to exit a highway and slowing down when entering an off-ramp prevents accidents such as rear-end collisions. Checking out the off-ramp speed limit is important.


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