Thighbone Fractures in Children


Thighbone Fractures in Children

I’m Ed Smith, a Bone Fracture Attorney in Sacramento. The thighbone, or femur as it is known to your doctor, is the largest as well as the strongest bone in your child’s body. Because this bone is so strong, it takes a considerable amount of force to break it. So it’s not surprising that a common cause of thighbone fractures, particularly in adolescents, is motor vehicle accidents.

Symptoms – What To Look For

Because the thighbone is so large, a femur fracture represents a traumatic injury. This is what you want to look for if you think your child has suffered a broken thighbone:

  • Your child is in obvious severe pain and is unable to stand or walk
  • There may be swelling of the thigh and the leg may look noticeably deformed
  • The child is unwilling or unable to move the affected leg at the hip or the knee due to pain

If you believe your child has broken the thighbone it’s important to take him to the emergency room promptly. The injury needs to be properly diagnosed and given treatment. You also want to make sure there are no additional injuries.

Diagnosis – Evaluation

The emergency room doctor will ask your child and you questions about exactly how the injury happened. Let the physician know about any other conditions your child may have.

The doctor will provide pain medication to help make your child more comfortable. This will also make it much easier for medical personnel to perform a thorough examination.

X-rays of the injured leg will be ordered to see if there is a broken bone. If the femur is indeed fractured, these x-rays will help the doctor know precisely where the break is located, how widely separated the ends of the broken bones are and also help to determine if any damage to the growth plate is present. The growth plate is near the end of the femur. These types of fractures may require surgery. Careful follow up is always required to make sure the bones heal properly.

Treatment – Orthopedics

If a broken femur is confirmed, your child will likely see an orthopedist (a bone specialist) while still in the Emergency Room. The purpose of this is to look further into the condition of your child and to determine the best course of treatment.

There are two types of treatment for a broken thigh; non-surgical and surgical. It depends on the fracture type. If the ends of the bones are not too widely separated, the orthopedist might be able to manipulate the leg (your child will be sedated) to put the bones back in the correct position. Then a cast will be applied.

If the bones are too widely displaced, your child will likely need surgical treatment. Surgery can include the placement of internal plates and screws, an external fixator, or in some cases traction with a temporary pin that is placed in the thighbone.

Outlook – Prognosis

Fortunately, most children who suffer a fractured thighbone will heal completely and regain their normal function, including having legs of equal length. For children who experience complications, such as unequal leg length, infection or non-healing of the fracture (which is rare) ongoing treatment almost always resolves these problems.

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