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May 29, 2022
Edward Smith

The Fascination of Infinity Pools

There may be no better way to soak up the sun than in a spectacular infinity pool. You’ll get a stunning view from infinity and beyond with its vanishing edge. Being in an infinity pool will make you feel like one with the horizon while floating above the landscape.

What Is an Infinity Pool?

An infinity pool appears to have no wall. The water cascades over the edge and disappears into the skyline, giving you a clear landscape view. It is designed to play a visual trick, making you think there is no separation between the water and your surroundings.

These beautiful pools are often seen at exclusive spas, on rooftops of luxury hotels, and in the rich and famous hilltop homes. They have become the ultimate status symbol on social media.

How Does an Infinity Pool Work?

To fully understand how infinity pools work, imagine a waterfall. The water goes over the edge of a waterfall and then disappears, cascading down to a lower basin, which then overflows again as more water flows down from the top. An infinity pool is like a waterfall. A portion of the pool’s edge is lower and acts like a dam that overflows into a lower pool. Water is pumped back into the upper pool, creating a continuous overflow.

What is the Cost of an Infinity Pool?

The design and development of an infinity pool do not come cheap. Home Advisor estimates an infinity pool ranges from $55K to $130K. Infinity swimming pools are more costly than regular pools for several reasons.

  • Infinity pools require a specialist, and the design process is more technical, so it needs to be installed by a knowledgeable and experienced engineer.
  • More structural work is involved in creating an edgeless pool. The ground requires a lot of preparation work to create an artificial slope.
  • The main cost is the holding tank. It is like building a second swimming pool because it has to hold one-third of the water in the pool.

The size of the pool doesn’t influence the cost. You won’t pay much more for a larger infinity pool than for a smaller one since the process for creating an infinity pool of any size is the same.

Watch the YouTube video: The Infinity Pool. The video below explains the concept of an infinity pool and shows different amazing infinity pools worldwide.

How Safe Are Infinity Pools?

Infinity pools are no more dangerous than regular pools. The disappearing edge is a visual trick and not actually missing. If you go to the perimeter of the pool, you won’t float over the side. There is a hidden wall underneath the water.

Although infinity pools are breathtaking, injuries due to negligence can still happen. Some safety features can be added to the infinity pool to keep kids, those with mobility issues, or weaker swimmers safe. These features include barriers, stairs, railing, and ramps.

Families with young kids may consider getting a border fence. If a child jumps off the edge, the lower basin could be a safety hazard. A bordering barrier will help to prevent disasters and keep them from suffering a serious injury.

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