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July 20, 2019
Edward Smith

Femur Fracture Injuries

A femur fracture is severe and is frequently complicated by numerous other associated injuries. Some of these injuries include other bone fractures, torn ligaments, and damaged tendons. Tendons anchor muscles to bones and allow the muscles to move the bones in the proper direction. When the tendons constrict, they pull on the muscles, which then shift the bones to perform various tasks. If the tendons are torn, the muscles are unable to act on the bones and movement is impaired. As a result, torn tendons associated with a femur fracture can be devastating and can lead to long-term mobility problems.

Femur Fractures Can Cause a Tendon Tear

Like other injuries, there are different types of femur fractures. The rule that everyone should know is that the bone cannot heal properly unless the pieces are in the correct location. When fractures are classified, this rule is the guiding principle. Some of the classifications include:

  • Non-Displaced Fracture: In many cases, the fracture might be classified as non-displaced. This means that the bone has been cracked, but all of the pieces are still where they need to be. As a result, many non-displaced fractures can be immobilized in a cast without requiring surgery.
  • Displaced Fracture: In contrast, a displaced fracture is almost always more severe. In a displaced fracture, the bone has been broken into multiple pieces. Because of this, surgery is often needed to put the bone back together before it can be immobilized.
  • Open Fracture: If a fracture is classified as open, one or more of the fragments is protruding through the surface of the skin. This is a gruesome injury that universally requires surgery to place the bone fragment back under the skin.

A displaced or open femur fracture has a high chance of leading to a torn tendon. With these two types of fractures, the bone has been broken into multiple pieces. These sharp bone fragments can easily tear through the tendons in the thigh, leading to a torn quadriceps muscle. In addition to repairing the bone fracture, the torn tendons need to be repaired as well.

The Treatment of a Torn Tendon Following a Femur Fracture

Displaced and open femur fractures will almost always require surgical repair. While the surgeon is repairing the fractures, he or she might repair the torn tendons as well.

  • Non-Surgical Repair: In some cases, the tendon tears might be partial or minor. In this case, the surgeon might elect to leave the tendon tear alone and allow it to heal on its own. Because the leg will be immobilized in a cast for several weeks, the tendon tear is likely to recover during this time as well. When the cast is removed, the leg might feel a little bit stiff. It may take a few days for the muscle to loosen up again.
  • Surgical Repair: Some tendon tears are completely avulsed and may require surgical repair. If one or more tendons have been completely avulsed from the bone, the surgeon might have to re-anchor the tendon to the bone surgically. This may add to the recovery time.

Once the fractures and tendon tears have healed, physical therapy is often needed to complete the recovery process. Physical therapists will use various stretches and exercises to strengthen the muscles. This added muscle strength plays a critical role in preventing future injuries. With the help of trained specialists, many people will make a full recovery.

Watch YouTube Video: Limb Lengthening Physical Therapy Exercises – Femur. This video provides some exercises to help lengthen the limb following a femur fracture.

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