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Ten Survive Fiery Oroville Plane Crash

Ten Survive Fiery Oroville Plane Crash

Ten people were reportedly involved in a fiery Oroville plane crash on Wednesday, August 21, 2019. According to officials, all ten people who were aboard the small airplane survived the crash without suffering any injuries despite the aircraft bursting into flames after failing to properly take off. Reports indicated that the Federal Aviation Administration, as well as the National Transportation Safety Board, would be investigating the accident in order to determine its probable causes.

Crash Details

According to FAA spokesman Ian Gregor, a two-engine Cessna Citation jet was attempting to take off at the Oroville Municipal Airport at around 11:30 a.m. The plane was a private-chartered flight with eight passengers and two crew members heading from Oroville to the Portland International Airport. Oroville public safety director Joe Deal reported that, although the plane attempted to take off, it never actually left the ground but instead slid off of the northern end of a paved runway into a nearby grassy field without exiting airport property. Shortly after, the plane caught fire, and the flames spread to nearby dry grass.

All of the plane’s occupants exited quickly and safely. When responders arrived, the plane was completely consumed by fire. Firefighters were reportedly able to get the grass fire under control before it became a serious problem. However, extinguishing the plane proved difficult partly due to the fact that it had just been loaded with 400 gallons of fuel. A fire truck from nearby Chico reportedly sprayed the wreck with foam in order put out the blaze.


According to a statement from a spokesperson of the company that owns the plane, the crew decided to reject takeoff before they left the ground. However, why takeoff was rejected is currently unknown. Oroville Municipal Airport manager Rick Farley stated that the plane had been using the airport’s longest runway, which measures over 6,000 feet. Farley pointed out that skid marks were left at the area where the plane veered off of the runway and that the landing gear broke off as it traveled onto the rough terrain. Farley also noted that wind does not appear to have affected the takeoff and that there was no obvious evidence to suggest that any debris or animals were sucked into the plane’s engines.

While an investigation is ongoing, it typically takes the National Transportation Safety Board around a year to determine the likely cause of a plane crash.

Accident Damages

While this crash did not involve any injuries, people are often left with serious trauma after accidents take place. This can come along with major consequences, and many are left financially unstable due to their injuries. When this happens, negligent parties can often be held responsible for the damages caused during the accident. This means that injured individuals are often able to claim payments for medical costs, lost income, and more. To learn more about recovering compensation after an accident, speak to a personal injury lawyer in your area.

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