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Telephone Pole Crashes on Top of Car Due to Downed Wire

Telephone Pole Crashes on Top of Car Due to Downed Wire

An injury occurred to a motorist along Winding Way on November 17 when a telephone pole fell on top of their car. The accident was reported by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as happening around 8:27 in the evening. A man driving a Buick sedan was discovered in the bike lane. The reporting person said that a wire was down, and the telephone pole had fallen in front of them. The motorist who was injured told police that he was driving along in the Arden Arcade area, and the downed wire caught on his vehicle, and a pole came down on top of his Lexus. Officers with the CHP discovered that one pole was broken at the base, while another was down in the middle. The Sacramento Municipal Utility District was contacted, and police were advised that the pole belonged to AT&T. Emergency responders with the Sacramento Fire Department were called to assess injuries. The CHP is investigating to see what caused the accident.

Why Do Poles Snap

There are many reasons utility and telephone poles snap. For instance, dry rot at the base of the pole, termites, weather conditions, overloading, and others can cause it to happen. The onus is on the utility or telephone company to inspect their poles routinely and note their findings in a company database. If neglected, the company can be held responsible for damages

What Should Be Checked

Some things that should be checked are:

  • Anchors: If the anchor is damaged, the ability of the pole to stand upright is weakened. 
  • Wood damage: If this occurs, it weakens the pole and could ultimately end with the pole falling onto a vehicle. 
  • Cross arms and attachments: These should be checked for damage on a routine basis. If they are damaged, they could fall and cause an accident. The problem should be fixed immediately. 

Who Is Liable When a Damaged Telephone Pole Injures Someone?

Accountability for a falling utility or telephone pole usually lies with the utility or phone company even when the motorist hits the pole. For instance, when a pole is erected, plans must be submitted to the city to ensure it is not in a dangerous spot. If this process was not done correctly, the company and the city could be held responsible. In addition, if the pole was not properly inspected and the problem remedied if one was found, the company is at fault. 

What an Attorney Can Do

Our firm sets out to prove negligence and liability by dispatching our investigative team to the accident site. We check the inspection logs kept by the company and see if the proper actions were taken. We also check to see if complaints about the pole had been filed and not responded to in the past. At the accident site, we speak to witnesses and area residents or store owners. We obtain video footage from traffic light cameras and those taken by residents. Our investigators also review police reports for errors. Once the data is accumulated, we release it to our legal team to use in the case. 

Car Accident Lawyers in Sacramento

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