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Teen Vaping is an Epidemic That Needs More Attention

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September 08, 2019
Edward Smith

Teen Vaping is an Epidemic 

Teen vaping has quickly blossomed into nothing short of a public health crisis, an epidemic that merits the attention of parents and health experts alike. According to reports, this crisis has outpaced the use of other dangerous substances. This includes products such as prescription drugs, opioids, alcohol, and marijuana. These warnings have come from some of the country’s foremost experts on public health.

Schools are Being Proactive

Teachers, principals, and parents have already gotten the ball rolling. At schools across the country, teachers are noticing the rapid rise in e-cigarette use, such as the Juul, in the hallways, classrooms, and playgrounds. Because the Juul is small enough to be hidden in a closed fist and can be charged through the port of a laptop, children can easily hide it.

Schools have responded in a big way. They are bringing in experts to talk to students, parents, and teachers about the dangers of e-cigarette use. There have been reports of lung damage, heart problems, and even seizures. These warnings are being shared with the student body. Many schools are even making the dangers of vaping a core part of their health education courses. Schools have also started to install cameras in places that students commonly hide to vape, such as locker rooms and bathrooms. The hope is that these actions will begin to cut down on the rates of teen vaping.

A Response from the Country’s Health Officials

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have announced that they are joining forces to research the long-term effects of vaping. While this investigation is ongoing, the country’s health officials have urged children and parents to remain patient but vigilant. Severe health effects are already being seen as a result of teen vaping.

These government bodies are urging an open line of communication among parents, teachers, and children. While children and teenagers might be reluctant to talk about these issues with authority figures, it is still important to educate them on the dangers of these e-cigarette devices.

Not a Safer Alternative

Many children have viewed these products as a safe choice when compared to cigarettes. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The Poison Control Center recently reported that they had close to 2,500 cases related to exposure to these dangerous devices. In addition to withdrawal symptoms, these companies often sell their e-liquids in product packaging that is attractive to children. It is easy for a young child to confuse this product for juice and ingest it all at once.

The consequences of swallowing e-liquid whole can be devastating and can lead to nicotine poisoning. This can place a child in the hospital, and this is only a microcosm of a more significant problem. FDA studies have indicated that the majority of students do not adequately understand the dangers of these products. This has led to an epidemic that needs to be addressed. With the proper response, children and teenagers can be kept safe from these products.

Watch YouTube Video: Teens Falling Victim to the JUUL Effect. This video explains why vaping has increased among middle schoolers and teens.

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