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Accident at Dillard Road Off-Ramp Involves Three Vehicles

A traffic accident involving three vehicles occurred in Wilton on March 15 near an off-ramp. The collision occurred along the Golden State Highway at the off-ramp for Dillard Road around 2:12 p.m. The three vehicles involved were found by officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) facing in the wrong direction. 

Collision on Dillard Road Occurs When Driver Loses Control

A two-vehicle crash in Wilton on July 24 caused the death of an older woman and injured two others. The accident was responded to by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as occurring along Dillard Road between Apple and Meiss roads around 9:14 a.m. The incident report stated that Arla Gustafson, age 79, was in a Toyota Corolla going west when it veered onto the roadway’s right shoulder. 

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