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Wilton Two-Vehicle Crash Kills Elderly Woman

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July 28, 2022
Edward Smith

Collision on Dillard Road Occurs When Driver Loses Control

A two-vehicle crash in Wilton on July 24 caused the death of an older woman and injured two others. The accident was responded to by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) as occurring along Dillard Road between Apple and Meiss roads around 9:14 a.m. The incident report stated that Arla Gustafson, age 79, was in a Toyota Corolla going west when it veered onto the roadway’s right shoulder. 

Woman Causes Head-On Collision After Overcorrecting

Gustafson is thought by police investigating the crash to have overcorrected and ended up in the eastbound lane where her vehicle crashed with a Hyundai head-on. Both drivers were trapped inside their vehicles, but a minor, age 12, got out. The Toyota driver died later at Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center. 

Two-Vehicle Crash Being Investigated

Alcohol, drugs and speed were not considered factors in the cause of the collision. No information was provided on whether those in the Hyundai were injured in the two-vehicle crash. The investigation into the fatal accident is ongoing.

A Vehicle Out of Control Can Cause an Accident

It is possible for a driver to lose control of a car and get into a two-vehicle accident for a variety of reasons. Among them are:

  • Auto parts: Defects in tires, brakes, steering columns, accelerators or other parts can cause blowouts, brake failures and inability to steer. The vehicle should be retained after an injury or fatality accident so that any defects can be inspected. Auto product liability claims can be filed if the manufacturer is found to have been responsible for the collision due to a defect.
  • Government negligence: When a road is poorly maintained, it can result in potholes, soft shoulders and other defects. An out-of-control two-vehicle crash can be caused by any of these factors. It is possible for the government entity responsible for maintaining the roadway to be held liable. The time limit to file against a government entity is six months, so getting help from an accident attorney may be advisable to meet deadlines.
  • Objects on the road: Objects on the road are another frequent cause of a two-vehicle accident. The limb of a tree may fall into the road naturally in some cases. The accident may be caused by poorly packed cargo, which comes loose and falls off the vehicle or truck. 
  • Livestock in the road: When a driver encounters a cow, horse, or other livestock in the roadway, he or she may have to take evasive action. In addition to causing the vehicle to go out of control, this can also lead to a two-vehicle crash. In the event that an animal escapes the enclosure of a farm or ranch, the owner can be held liable for any injuries caused by striking the animal with the help of an injury lawyer.

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