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Nursing Homes: Psych Meds and Physical Restraints Use

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento nursing home abuse lawyer. When people are unable to care for their family members any longer, they often turn to the professional care of nursing homes for help. Unfortunately, many patients wind up neglected by the nursing home and are forced into obedience either through the use of physical restraints or through sedatives that act on the neurologic system. It is easy for nursing homes to overuse these tools in an effort to force patients to comply with their demands quickly. Today I will discuss this issue and explain how you can spot nursing home abuse.

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I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer. It is not unusual for people living in nursing homes to have multiple medical problems. In fact, many families are forced to place their loved ones into a nursing home because they are no longer able to provide adequate care for them. This is especially true when they have medical issues such dementia or have suffered a geriatric fall.

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