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Surveillance Cameras Help Reconstruct Auto Accidents
Using Surveillance Cameras to Reconstruct Car Accidents

When the victim of a car accident sues the party at fault for negligence, their legal team may try to reconstruct the car accident for the benefit of the jury’s understanding. Traditional sources of information for these reconstructions include analysis of the damage to the vehicles, collision simulation software, or data from the black box of one of the vehicles. These days, surveillance cameras are another source of evidence for reconstructing the accident. As more and more businesses and municipalities install surveillance cameras for theft-prevention (like this security camera footage that caught a Sacramento burglar ripping off the offices of a local non-profit, from CBS 13 Sacramento) and law enforcement purposes (like Sacramento’s new downtown surveillance camera installations in the lead-up to the new arena opening, as reported by The Sacramento Bee), it is increasingly likely that one of these cameras captured footage of some aspect of a particular car accident, especially in a densely-populated area.

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