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Wildfire Negligence — All that is left for Paradise residents displaced by wildfire negligence is to rebuild. For those who lost loved ones, rebuilding will be a mix of determination and grief. The Camp Fire, which began on November 8, forced 52,000 people in Paradise to evacuate and took 56 lives with 300 unaccounted for as of November 15. In the end, the town of Paradise was destroyed by flames that many likened to hell. Now, residents and officials are looking into reports that the utility company, PG&E, reported problems 15 minutes before the fire officially broke out. As a Northern California neighbor, I would like to take this opportunity to express the sadness I feel for those caught in this disaster, particularly those who lost loved ones, and my fervent wish that you will find the strength to build anew.

Rebuilding After Wildfire Negligence

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