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18 Wheeler Big Rigs and the Dangerous Right Turn
Truck drivers admittedly recognize that making a right turn with their long and heavy loads is not easy.  Every experienced big rig driver will admit that negotiating a right turn can be downright dangerous and likely have many accounts they could tell demonstrating this.

The size of the big rigs requires that the big rig operators understand the special techniques required to negotiate right-hand turns and be even more vigilant for pedestrians and vehicles around them while they negotiate the turn.

Why do so many attorneys encourage people to protect their rights immediately by hiring a lawyer if they are involved in a catastrophic trucking accident?  Many would accuse personal injury lawyers as simply being ambulance chasers looking to make a dime. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

A published article, Responding to Catastrophic Trucking Accident, was written specifically to the owners of trucking companies explaining what steps they should take when one of their big rigs and drivers have been involved in an accident of catastrophic proportions.  As you read their advise, think about it, does it sound like these steps protect you the injured victim or the bottom line of the trucking companies and their insurance companies?