Suspected Drunk Driver Crashes Into Yuba City Home

Home Struck by Possible Drunk Driver on Cooper Avenue

A late-night accident in Yuba City occurred when a suspected drunk driver drove into a residence on January 12. The house’s roof collapsed as a result. The accident occurred along Cooper Avenue near Wilkie Way. 

Vehicle Struck Pickup, Pushing Both Into House’s Porch

Upon arrival at the accident scene involving the alleged drunk driver, officers with the Yuba City Police Department discovered that the operator of a Dodge Durango had struck a Chevy Silverado, which was parked. However, the driver’s pickup hit the Chevy so hard that both of the vehicles crashed into a house’s porch. The impact of the collision caused a roof collapse. 

Driver and Passenger Injured

Fortunately, only one person was inside the house at the time, and that individual was uninjured. Both of the people inside the Durango were apparently injured, including the driver, age 18. They were both transported to a hospital. 

Charges Pending Against Alleged Drunk Driver

No information has been released on the condition of the driver or passenger. Police officers believe the driver of the vehicle was intoxicated at the time of the collision, and charges may be pending.

Vehicles Colliding With Buildings

The crash of a vehicle into a building kills around 500 people every year and injures thousands more. This type of accident is caused by out-of-control cars for several reasons:

  • A driver can make operator errors by pressing the wrong pedal or accelerating too quickly. Car accidents that are out of control are often caused by driver error.
  • When a car is speeding, it may become out of control and crash into a building. Intersections are often the scene of these accidents. 
  • A vehicle can easily collide with another car or crash into a building during a traffic collision.
  • Drunk driving is one of the major causes of car crashes into buildings or other vehicles when the driver loses control.

Drunk Driver Causes Crash Into a Building

An injured person may be eligible to obtain compensation for the following losses if a negligent motorist caused their injury, especially if it involves a drunk driver. It can be beneficial to have an injury attorney by your side when dealing with the at-fault party’s insurance company or in court. Accident attorneys generally return three to three and a half times more than you would win on your own. You may be able to recover the following damages:

  • The accident-related medical costs can all be recovered. In addition to ambulance fees and hospitalizations, this includes prescriptions, surgeries, tests, rehabilitation and at-home care when necessary. Medical treatment costs will be included if they are expected to continue in the future.
  • In addition to lost wages, you can recover any bonuses or perks you received. In the event that the individual cannot return to their job or can only work at a reduced capacity, this is taken into account.
  • The settlement figure can include pain and suffering, including physical, emotional and psychological trauma. It is not uncommon for accident victims to suffer from psychological issues such as post-traumatic stress disorder

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