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Suisun Public Safety Hazard

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October 28, 2017
Edward Smith

Suisun Public Safety Hazard
Suisun Public Safety Hazard

I’m Ed Smith, a Suisun car accident lawyer. Recently, the City Council of Suisun reacted to resident concerns over a line of railroad tank cars parked near the city’s Old Town district. Residents are concerned that the cars, which are filled with explosive propane, present a major public safety risk to those who live near the area where the trains are parked

The council ultimately decided to charge the Suisun City Fire Chief with determining whether or not the vehicles are legally allowed to be parked where they are.

An Old Issue

Reportedly, residents of Old Town as well as Councilwoman Jane Day have been worried about the presence of the dangerous tank cars for over two years and have petitioned the council to take action on the matter more than once during this time.

At a council meeting in 2015, Old Town resident Howard Lute addressed the council with his concern that the railroad tanker cars that are parked on a section of railroad just west of Old Town where the rails split from the Union Pacific railroad line north of Cordelia Road. Lute indicated to council members that he believes the cars endanger the lives and health of those who live nearby.

The issue became a central concern again when City Fire Chief Mike O’Brien submitted a Suisun City Local Hazard Mitigation Plan for approval. The mitigation plan included addressing the problem of the hazardous tank cars and seeking ways to relocate them.

The Tank Cars

Day said on Tuesday night that there were 40 tank cars in total parked along the railroad split off of the main Union Pacific line. The spur reportedly allows area companies such as Anheuser-Busch, Sheldon Oil, and others to navigate in and around Solano Business Park area rail delivery access areas.


Councilman Mike Hudson reported at the meeting that he had been told by Union Pacific that storing the filled tank cars at the location was against California state law. However, O’Brien reported to the council that the section of track was rented out and that the tanker cars could legally be stored there.

The council ordered O’Brien to make contact with Union Pacific and any other agencies that might be able to deal with the situation in order to find out what the law is. O’Brien was told to bring his findings back to the council later in the year.

Public Worry

One attendee of the meeting spoke about the hazard, saying that the situation makes him feel “like a powerless person in the middle of a storm.” Residents expressed concern that an explosion in the area, triggered by either a train or vehicle accident, could cause massive fires and put locals at risk of burn injuries.

Residents of the area also said that they would like the tank cars moved further to the west past Pennsylvania Avenue, at the very least.

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