Pedestrian Accident Reported Near Lincoln High School in Stockton

Student Injured in Pedestrian Accident

The California Highway Patrol reported that a student was injured in a pedestrian accident in Stockton on the morning of Tuesday, November 29, 2022. The incident occurred near Sierra Middle School and Lincoln High School, officials said.

Details on the Pedestrian Accident in Stockton That Left a Student Injured

A preliminary report revealed that a student walking in the area was allegedly hit by a vehicle close to the two schools in the Stockton area.

CHP traffic officers indicated that the student suffered injuries described as minor. It was unclear whether the student was treated at the hospital. Additional information on the car vs. pedestrian accident was not immediately available.

What You Should Know About Personal Injury Cases for Pedestrian Accidents

Getting hit by a car is a traumatic and life-changing experience. When this happens to you or a loved one, it is essential to seek immediate medical treatment. Pedestrian injuries may be severe, and some of them may not manifest immediately following the incident, like a TBI or internal trauma. Therefore, it is in your best interest to get checked out by a physician and document all symptoms. Your doctor will determine the best course of treatment moving forward. Failure to get medical care will not only impact your health but also a personal injury claim should you decide to bring one against the driver responsible for the pedestrian accident.

Insurance companies are businesses that are focused on maximizing profit margins. The less money an insurance carrier must pay on a bodily injury claim, the higher its bottom line. While there are bad faith laws in place to prevent insurers from doing so, there are some defense tactics within the law a claims adjuster may use to reduce the value of a personal injury claim or outright deny it. This may include pinpointing blame on an injured pedestrian, arguing that the claimant’s injuries are unrelated to the incident or not as severe as reported, and other defense tactics. However, an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer from Stockton will not allow that to happen.

An attorney with the experience, skills, and resources will know how to proceed in a personal injury case for a car vs. pedestrian crash. If the case involves a minor child, the lawyer will build a strong and compelling case establishing the greater duty of care the defendant owed to the child. For instance, the negligent driver is expected to exercise a higher duty of care in areas where children tend to be present, like residential areas, parks, and school zones. As a legal guardian or parent of an injured child, it is useful to work with an attorney who will work toward a favorable resolution on your behalf. Learn about the services our injury lawyers provide through the video below or schedule a free consultation today.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Stockton

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton personal injury lawyer. Injuries from a car versus pedestrian accident may be traumatic and life-changing. As a parent or legal guardian of a child injured in a pedestrian crash, you owe it to your family to have an advocate on your side during this difficult time. This starts with retaining legal counsel immediately following the incident to protect your rights and best interests.

Your peace of mind is worth setting up a free case evaluation with an experienced accident lawyer, such as ours, from our personal injury law firm. Our legal team is available to help you through the process and help you obtain maximum compensation for your losses. For more information on how we can help and receive free, friendly advice on your potential case, call (209) 227-1931 or (800) 404-5400.

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