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Stop Sign Bicycle Accidents Are Common

Stop Sign Bicycle Accidents 

Safety should always come first while riding a bike. It is essential to take a look at why accidents happen. An accident can happen at any time, and those involving bicycles can lead to severe injuries. Various types of bicycle accidents can include objects, other vehicles, turning collisions, and even equipment problems. Out of all of these accidents, those involving stop signs are the most common.

It is important to take a look at stop sign bicycle accidents. The injuries that bikers sustain in a collision can be serious. By understanding how these accidents happen, riders and drivers can take steps to prevent them.

Why Do Bicycle Accidents Take Place at a Stop Sign?

Most bicycle accidents occur at an intersection because the biker and driver often do not see each other. Their eyes are pointed straight ahead, and they simply don’t realize that other people might be entering the intersection. Because bicycles are inherently smaller than a motor vehicle, they are often overlooked. They have a narrow silhouette and might even blend in with the background. Even after someone comes to a complete stop at a stop sign, they may enter the intersection, unaware that a bicycle is about to do the same.

There are several reasons why bicycle accidents take place in this situation. Sometimes, the individuals involved aren’t able to accurately judge the distance to make it through the intersection. Often, it is challenging to estimate the speed of the other parties involved. When looking through accident records, many of these bicycle accidents involve children who might not be used to dealing with traffic.

Injuries Sustained in a Bicycle Intersection Accident

If an accident takes place at an intersection, there are some common injuries that someone might suffer. The bicycle often falls to the side, which places the hip, knee, and shoulder in harm’s way. Some of the injuries that someone may sustain include a hip fracture, shoulder dislocation, or a knee ligament tear. Some of these injuries may end up requiring surgery.

Whenever a bicycle accident takes place, there is always the concern of cyclists striking their head on the ground. This can cause a traumatic brain injury, which can lead to long-term complications. To guard against a head injury, cyclists need to wear a helmet at all times.

Preventing Bicycle Accidents

There are a few measures that cyclists can take to avoid bicycle accidents. First, make sure to maximize the visibility of the cyclist and the bike. Try to wear brightly colored clothing that will stand out from the pack. Also, make sure that the cars at the intersection come to a stop before biking across. Also, when coming to an intersection, try to move the bike slightly to the left to make the bicycle easier to spot.

Taking these measures will make it easier for drivers to spot a cyclist and might prevent a bicycle accident.

Watch YouTube Video: Stop Sign v. Cyclist Effective Cycling Commuting. In this video, a bike blogger discusses the most effective way for a cyclist to treat a four-way stop sign.

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