Stockton Vehicle Rollover Causes Major Injury

Major Injury Occurs in Rollover on I-5 

A Stockton vehicle rollover on December 12 resulted in a major injury caused by a two-vehicle crash. The collision occurred along southbound Interstate 5 just north of the Downing Avenue off-ramp around 12:39 p.m. Upon arrival, officers with the California Highway Patrol (CHP) discovered a Toyota pickup that had overturned multiple times.

Investigation Ongoing to Determine Fault in Two-Vehicle Crash

The pickup was found in a ditch off to the right-hand side of the highway. Another vehicle, a Nissan Altima, was found blocking the fast lane. At least one person suffered a major injury in the collision and was transported to a hospital. Tow trucks were summoned for the vehicles, and all lanes were reopened by 12:52 p.m. An investigation to determine fault and how the accident occurred is underway by the CHP.

Vehicle Rollover Accidents and Their Causes

Vehicle rollover accidents are among the most severe types of motor vehicle collisions. Rollovers often result in serious injury or death. Therefore, it is important to understand what causes them in order to reduce their occurrence rate.

Driver Error as the Cause of Rollover

Most rollover accidents are caused because the driver made a mistake or was negligent in some way. One common factor that contributes to rollover crashes is speeding. When a car travels too quickly for conditions, the driver may lose control of the vehicle more easily when making turns or maneuvering around obstacles.

Another major cause of rollover accidents is distracted driving. Drivers who do not keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel may not be able to respond quickly enough if something unexpected happens. Therefore, they may end up losing control of the vehicle and causing a rollover crash.

Vehicles More Prone to Rollovers

Finally, certain vehicles are more prone to rolling over than others due to design features such as center of gravity and wheelbase length. SUVs, vans, and pickup trucks have higher centers of gravity than cars do and may therefore be more likely to tip over if the driver takes a turn too quickly or drives on a bumpy road.

Added Complications in a Rollover Accident

Roof crush is an added complication in a rollover accident. Instead of remaining whole to protect those inside the vehicle, the top crushes in, which increases the risk of injuries and lowers the survivability space. Manufacturers are held to certain standards with regard to roof and side support strength. If they don’t follow that standard, the roof can fail. An auto product liability claim may be placed against the manufacturer and others to recover damages. When a rollover or roof crush occurs in an accident, retaining the vehicle is important so it can be examined for defects.

Obtaining Help From an Injury Lawyer

An injury lawyer can determine the cause of a vehicle crash and whether negligence by another person or entity was the cause. This allows injured parties to recover personal injury compensation, so they can concentrate on healing without financial worries. 

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