Stockton School Bus Crash

Stockton School Bus Crash

Stockton School Bus Crash

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton personal injury lawyer. A Stockton school bus crash occurred early in the morning on Friday, May 19, 2017. The school bus was carrying seven students of Stockton’s Cesar Chavez High School at the time of the accident. Four students were taken to a hospital following the incident due to complaints of pain.

What Happened: Stockton School Bus Crash

Early Friday morning, on May 19, 2017. The school bus, heading to Cesar Chavez High School, approached an intersection near Fred Russo Drive and March Lane. The traffic light appears to have been malfunctioning at the time of the incident. The driver of the bus claims to have stopped at the intersection waiting for it to be clear and continued onto Fred Russo Drive.

Following the bus entering the intersection, it is reported that a Nissan Pathfinder not visible to the bus driver failed to stop at the malfunctioning traffic light. The pathfinder continued through the intersection and collided into the left side of the bus. The Stockton CHP is currently investigating the accident and neither driver was injured at the time of the incident. Four of the seven students were taken to a hospital for treatment after there were complaints of pain due to the Stockton school bus crash they were involved in. As of today, the authorities have still yet to release the identities of the drivers or the students involved.

Common Injuries for Children

A school bus crash can lead to traumatic injuries to all who are involved and especially to very young children. When your child has been involved in any type of accident it is important to be aware of unusual complaints of pain even when manifesting days after the incident. Fractures to children and other serious injuries should be treated immediately. Also, be aware of changes in behavior or headaches. These are signs and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury or concussion. If your child has been injured in a school bus crash, seek professional medical treatment and then contact a bus accident lawyer.

Malfunctioning Traffic Light

A traffic light can be malfunctioning for various reasons. Whether connected to backup power or completely turned off, it is important to be aware of the situation and know what to do. Acting with caution and predictability decreases your risk of a car accident and its related injuries.

No signal at the traffic light

It is important to be aware on any commute when a traffic light is failing to function at all. In this situation, the intersection is treated as an all-way stop for each lane of traffic. Approach and stop at the line. Wait until it is your turn and clear to proceed.

Flashing Red Light

A flashing red light can occur when the internal system is not working properly and the traffic light is still connected to power or even when maintenance crews are working on the traffic light. The flashing red signal should be treated as a stop sign. Likewise, be aware of each lane of traffic and stop at the line. Wait until it is your turn and clear to proceed.

Flashing Yellow

A flashing yellow traffic signal acts as a yield sign. Therefore, carefully approach the intersection or crosswalk. Proceed through the intersection when it is clear and safe to do so. This often means that the crossing lanes or pedestrians have the right of way and will not stop.

Reduced Amount of Time to Bring Claim Against Public Entity

When someone is injured in an accident involving a vehicle under operation by a governmental entity, the time to bring a claim is greatly reduced. A claim must be filed within six months or 180 days of the date of accident. There are additional timelines that must be followed as well. Please contact an experienced personal injury attorney for more information.

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