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Stockton Motorcyclist Killed

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April 02, 2016
Edward Smith

Stockton Motorcyclist Killed

Stockton Motorcyclist Killed

Stockton Motorcyclist Killed

I’m Ed Smith, a Stockton Personal Injury Lawyer. The following fatality demonstrates why cyclists need to be especially careful on the roadways. Even so, motorcycle accidents sometimes happen, despite the best efforts of the rider and through no fault of their own. These riders face additional risks since they are not protected by a vehicle, resulting in possible life-shattering injuries and even death.


What Happened?


On March 12, 2016, the California Highway Patrol reported that a 31-year-old motorcyclist lost his life after he plowed into an SUV in Stockton. The accident occurred just after noon near the intersection of West Ivy Avenue and El Dorado Street.


What Caused the Accident?


According to official reports, the 35-year-old motorist who was driving the SUV was taken into custody for reported charges of driving under the influence. In addition, he faces possible charges for vehicular manslaughter. Further reports indicated that a minor, who was not hurt, was with the driver in the vehicle when the accident happened.


Why Was the Motorist Drinking and Driving?


People get behind the wheel while impaired for a number of reasons. These could include any of the following:


  • They think that they won’t be caught.
  • They only plan to drive a short distance.
  • They do not believe that they are truly impaired.
  • They think it’s an emergency and that they have a legitimate reason to drive or
  • Other excuses.


Possibly the scariest reason of all is that they previously committed a DUI without any consequences. However, none of these reasons are valid. In addition to the serious possible sanctions, driving while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs jeopardizes other drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, bicycle riders, pedestrians and even the driver themselves. Criminal penalties are severe, even for a first-time offender.

Additional Legal Implications


Beyond the criminal charges, the victim of a DUI offense might have the legal right to pursue civil actions against an intoxicated motorist after an injury-accident or a fatality. A criminal case and legal case are completely separate although the courts might permit evidence from the criminal case to be admitted in a civil case, or vice versa. After a drunk driving accident, pedestrian injury accident, motorcycle accident or in the event of a wrongful death, you need seasoned legal counsel in order to protect your rights.


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