Stockton Man Killed in Hit and Run Accident

Stockton Man Killed in Hit and Run Accident

A Stockton man was killed in a hit and run accident on the night of September 18, 2019. The crash occurred on South Airport Way in the vicinity of East Anderson Street in Stockton. The Stockton Police Department said the man was attempting to cross South Airport Way when he was struck by an oncoming vehicle. Authorities reported that the motorist drove away from the scene, leaving the man behind to succumb to his injuries. The decedent has been identified by officials as 60-year-old McCormick Ward of Stockton.

What Happens if a Pedestrian Dies in a Hit and Run Accident?

When a loved one is lost in a hit and run accident while walking, their surviving family members may be left with many, unanswered questions. The last thing a grieving family would want to deal with during this challenging time is locating the driver responsible for their loved one’s death. A thorough independent investigation by an experienced Stockton wrongful death attorney may help in these situations. An attorney can create a timeline for the sequence of events leading up to the collision. The lawyer can use this information to obtain video surveillance footage in the area to identify the vehicle involved in the fatal hit and run accident.

Government Entity Negligence in a Pedestrian Accident

There may be other parties responsible for a pedestrian accident such as a government entity. Factors such as signage, visibility, street lighting, and the design and condition of the roadway should be considered for pedestrian accident cases involving government entity negligence. Some of the other factors to look at in these cases include how well pedestrian crossings are painted and visible to oncoming traffic and if any vegetation obstructed the driver’s view of the roadway. Having such facts and evidence is necessary for proving wrongful death in a pedestrian accident.

Does Insurance Cover Wrongful Death in a Hit and Run Accident?

After losing someone you love in a hit and run accident, you may be wondering who will cover your family’s unexpected losses. This is especially true if the driver responsible for your family member’s death is not located. In these situations, you may be able to turn to your loved one’s auto insurance policy for recourse if they carry uninsured motorist coverage. This type of insurance protects those injured or killed in an accident with a driver who has no liability insurance. This coverage may also extend to those injured in a hit and run accident while driving, walking or riding a bicycle. If your loved one does not have this type of insurance but lived with someone who does, that coverage may be used to pay for damages incurred. This is only possible if the loved one was not listed as an excluded member of the insurance policy.

What is a Wrongful Death Claim?

When a person passes away due to the negligence of another, surviving family members often suffer financial and intangible harms as a result. California law allows specific relatives and dependents to pursue economic and noneconomic damages through a wrongful death claim. This includes compensation for:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Loss of parental guidance and training
  • Loss of household services and support provided by the decedent
  • Lost prospective net accumulations for the loved one’s estate
  • Medical expenses incurred by the deceased before his or her death
  • The value of the decedent’s financial support and benefits, such as medical insurance and pension

Understanding how a wrongful death claim works may be challenging, particularly when coming to terms with your loss. For a breakdown on these types of cases, watch this video below.

How Can a Lawyer Help Our Family?

The loss of a loved one may have a profound effect on a family’s emotional, physical, and financial state. Filing a wrongful death claim may be the last thing on a family’s mind during this difficult time. The claims process involved in such cases is often complex since specific criteria and deadlines must be met. Having an experienced wrongful death lawyer at your side in these situations is essential. An attorney can handle the legal complexities involved in the wrongful death case. This way, you and your family have the time to focus on healing and grieving from your loved one’s unexpected death.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Stockton

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