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Statistics on Redding Fatal Accident Locations

Data on Redding Fatal Accident Locations

Redding is the second-largest Californian city north of Sacramento. This means that people from many different areas of Northern California travel to Redding for business and that there’s a considerable amount of local traffic. This contributes to Redding’s unique and lively community, but a lot of traffic means a high chance of auto accidents, and, tragically, collisions are sometimes deadly. In Redding, certain locations have seen more fatal accidents than others.

Accidents Overview

Information released by researchers at the University of California shows that, between the beginning of 2008 and the end of 2019, Redding saw a total of 4,901 car accidents that resulted in traumatic injuries. Out of these accidents, about 93 percent involved moderate or minor injuries, around five percent involved severe trauma, and almost exactly two percent involved fatalities. These deadly collisions added up to 100 crashes altogether and killed 104 individuals.

Out of Redding’s fatal accidents, around one-third involved a pedestrian. This is a much higher rate than for collisions overall, which only involved pedestrians around seven percent of the time. Furthermore, fatal accidents were just under twice as likely to involve a motorcycle.

Common Redding Fatal Accident Locations

The statistics show that the following roadway locations in Redding had an especially high number of fatal accidents:

  • The Junction at I-5 and Highway 44
  • Cypress Avenue east of I-5
  • Hartnell Avenue west of Victor Avenue
  • All of Highway 273 within Redding city limits
  • Placer Street Between Buenaventura Boulevard and Liberty Street
  • Victor Avenue near Hartnell Avenue

What Makes Particular Roadway Locations Dangerous?

There are a number of different reasons that particular intersections or stretches of road may have a higher rate of fatal accidents. Often, a specific area has a high crash rate simply because it has a lot of traffic and, therefore, more opportunities for collisions to happen. However, in many cases, there is an issue with the road itself that contributes to accidents.

Dangerous roadway issues can involve a few different types of defects. Many people immediately think of large potholes or cracks in the asphalt, but defective pavement is only one kind of roadway defect. Often, roadways are dangerously designed and constructed in a way that makes it difficult for drivers to stay safe. In other cases, the road may not have enough signage, poor lighting, or other issues that can cause accidents.

Roadway Defects and Liability

If a defective or dangerous road is determined to have caused an accident, the government responsible for maintaining that road may be considered at-fault for damages caused during the crash. This means that families of decedents may be able to claim compensation from these governments by working with a Redding wrongful death lawyer and filing a claim.

However, wrongful death claims against government entities are more complicated than most cases. Breaking through government immunity can be difficult, and claims need to be filed within a dramatically shorter time period than with other wrongful death cases. To learn more about recovering damages through a wrongful case, take a moment to view this video:

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