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Statistics on Fairfield Auto Accidents

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August 01, 2019
Edward Smith

Statistics on Fairfield Auto Accidents

As the largest city in Solano County and the Sacramento Valley’s gateway to the San Francisco Bay Area, Fairfield sees a significant volume of both commuter and local traffic. While this contributes to Fairfield’s lively and bustling atmosphere, it also means that there are numerous accidents in the city every year. While most people won’t be involved in a crash on any given day, it only takes one collision to cause injuries that can have a dramatic effect on your life. One way to improve your safety on the road is to learn about how accidents tend to occur in your area. The following article contains helpful information about traumatic collisions in Fairfield.

Accident Overview

According to information reported by researchers at UC Berkeley, 7,497 car accidents took place in Fairfield during the period of time between the beginning of 2007 and the end of 2018. These 7,497 crashes caused 10,850 injuries as well as 86 fatalities. Data shows that the collisions included 468 accidents involving pedestrians, 326 involving bicycles, and 415 involving motorcycles. Around forty percent of the total number of collisions took place on one of the state highways within city limits.


The majority of the accidents in question did not involve visible injuries but were made apparent to responders through one or more complaints of pain. These types of injuries accounted for about 69 percent of accidents. Visible non-severe injuries accounted for around 26 percent while severe trauma was involved in about 4.5 percent of the accidents. Finally, just over one percent of the collisions resulted in a fatal injury.


The following list contains the types of accident that most commonly occurred in Fairfield next to the number of that type of collision recorded between 2007 and 2018:

  • Read-End, 3054
  • Broadside, 1460
  • Hit Object, 936
  • Sideswipe, 731
  • Vehicle/Pedestrian, 416
  • Head-On, 369
  • Rollovers, 157

Primary Collision Factor

Most accidents are caused by a driver who commits a traffic violation. The violation that causes an accident is recorded as the “primary collision factor” in a police report. The most common primary collision factors in Fairfield are listed below from most to least common:

Less common factors all caused less than two percent of accidents each. These included impeding traffic, improper passing, unsafe starting, broken lights, and more.

Do I Need to Contact a Lawyer?

After being involved in a vehicle accident, many people are unsure of what they should do. In many cases, injured people face a long and painful road to recovery as well as a number of steep medical bills. In combination with lost income and emotional stress, these issues can be overwhelming. However, many crash survivors can recover payments for the losses they have suffered by filing a personal injury claim.

While not every case is right for a Fairfield personal injury attorney, it is always best to speak with a lawyer if you were in a crash. Most attorneys will offer you a free phone consultation where you can get the information and advice you need to move forward.

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