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December 12, 2023
Edward Smith

State Route 160 Crash Causes Injuries When Two Vehicles Collided Head-On

Several people were transported to a hospital with injuries after two vehicles collided head-on in an accident northeast of Rio Vista. The crash happened at the intersection of State Route 160 at Circle Drive at around 3:00 p.m. The accident involved a Ford F-150 pickup and a Tesla, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP)

Two People Injured When Two Vehicles Collided Head-On on Highway

It was reported that the crash blocked the complete roadway. Two patients were transported to the hospital with undescribed injuries. Both vehicles were towed from the scene. An accident investigation is underway by the CHP traffic collision unit, which is determining how the incident occurred.

Recovering Compensation When Two Vehicles Collided Head-On

An injury lawyer conducts an investigation of an accident to determine fault. If the other driver was negligent, the injured party can recover compensation, which includes:

  • Medical costs caused by the accident where two vehicles collided head-on are recoverable. From your ambulance fee to hospitalization, physicians’ bills and rehabilitation, you can recover all those expenses.
  • Many people who are injured in a collision cannot work while they are recovering. Those lost wages are included in your compensation as well as any bonuses, tips, and other monies. The injured party can also recover the loss of their pension and insurance benefits.
  • Pain and suffering compensation includes your physical trauma and emotional anguish, such as depression, anxiety and sleeplessness due to the crash.

A Vehicle Accident and How Your Lawyer Supports Your Claim

As a result of our firm’s investigation and legal resources, we are able to prove other drivers’ negligence in cases in which they are involved in an accident with another driver. Among the areas where our firm’s investigators seek evidence to support your injury claim are:

  • The accident scene is examined for evidence that can prove fault at the scene of the head-on collision between two vehicles.
  • It is important to verify the accuracy of the police report since errors may prevent the injured person from suing for compensation. In the event of an error, the lawyer may include a statement that proves the correct information and refutes the error.
  • The position of the vehicles before, during, and after a head-on collision can be determined based on a reconstruction of the incident.
  • Witnesses are interviewed in order to gather corroborating evidence regarding how the accident occurred.
  • In order to determine whether there is video evidence of the collision, area traffic cameras are examined. 

Our investigators release the evidence to our injury lawyers once liability has been established and the data has been gathered. Using it, they build a compelling case to support our client’s compensation claim.

In choosing an attorney for free advice, Ed Smith recommends looking for the following qualities:

Rio Vista Car Accident Lawyer

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Photo attribution: Image by Vladyslav Topyekha from Pixabay

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