Stanislaus County Major Truck Accident

Stanislaus County Major Truck Accident

A Stanislaus County major truck accident occurred during the early morning hours of January 2 at the intersection of North Dakota Avenue and Beckwith Road in Salida. A driver of a Chevrolet Suburban SUV reportedly broadsided an eastbound big rig at the intersection shortly before 4:00 in the morning. The driver of the large truck got out of the cab and found the Chevrolet stuck beneath the trailer. Medical personnel were called to the scene to transport the Chevrolet driver and his passenger to local hospitals for treatment of serious injuries. An update regarding their conditions has not yet been released by officials.

Common Reasons for Truck Accidents

While most truck accidents are due to the fault of a motor vehicle driver, truckers may also be to blame for a crash. Some of the common reasons for these collisions include:

  • Falling Objects: When trucks are improperly packed, some of their cargo may be lost in transit and cause falling objects or debris that can potentially result in a collision.
  • Nonperformance: The trucker was driving while fatigued, fell asleep behind the wheel or suffered a medical emergency, causing a truck accident.
  • Performance: Lack of experience, stopping too quickly or overcorrecting, and applying the wrong brakes can all cause a rollover or jackknifing accident.
  • Poor Decision Making: The trucker misjudged another vehicle’s distance or speed, was speeding, or following another car too closely.
  • Trucker Distraction: The truck driver missed seeing a stoppage or slowdown of traffic ahead, was too fatigued to be behind the wheel of the vehicle, and other distractions.

Injuries in a Trucking Accident

When occupants of a motor vehicle are involved in an accident with a large commercial truck, traumatic injuries are often sustained as a result. This is due to the overwhelming size and weight of the big rig compared with smaller cars. The types of injuries commonly suffered in these crashes include abdominal injuries, bone fractures, chest trauma, head and brain injuries, and spinal cord damage. Such injuries can require a long period of recuperation followed by high medical expenses and time away from work. An experienced Modesto truck accident attorney may be able to help in these cases by recovering fair compensation to cover those damages.

Passenger Injury Claims

Sometimes motor vehicle accident claims can turn complex when multiple parties are involved. If passengers suffered injuries in the crash, each injured passenger may be able to file a claim against the driver responsible for the collision. This also includes the driver of the vehicle in which the passenger was riding in. If the damages of the injured parties exceed the policy limits of the responsible motorist’s insurance, the passenger may turn to his or her own automobile insurance for recourse. Uninsured/underinsured motorist protection typically compensates those who are injured in accidents with drivers who have little to no insurance. To learn more about this type of insurance, watch the following YouTube video.

How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help

Truck accidents are complex cases to handle, especially when injuries and death are involved. A Modesto personal injury attorney experienced in truck accidents can help by investigating the incident and properly determining fault. Once liability has been established, those who are injured may be able to recover compensation for their losses. A claim can be filed to collect from the negligent party things like lost wages (past and future), pain and suffering and reimbursement of medical bills (past and future). Contact an attorney to learn more.

Modesto Truck Accident Lawyer

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Stanislaus County Major Truck Accident:

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