What is a Spiral Femur Fracture?

What is a Spiral Femur Fracture?

Spiral Femur Fracture

Spiral Femur Fracture. Every car accident carries with it the chance of sustaining a serious injury. Among the possible injuries that somebody could end up with are traumatic brain injuries, soft tissue and organ contusions, and even bone fractures. Some bone fractures are more severe than others. Recently, a hospital reviewed the bone fractures that arrived at their facility within a single calendar year. They found that:

  • More than 100 bone fractures were diagnosed per day.
  • The most common time of day for a bone fracture to arrive in their emergency room was between the hours of 4 pm and 6 pm.
  • Men were twice as likely as women to sustain a bone fracture.

Femur fractures were among their most common bone fractures. One of these is called a spiral femur fracture.

What is a Spiral Femur Fracture?

When someone sustains a femur fracture, the physician has to categorize the fracture in a certain way. This is important because it dictates the possible treatment options and the possible complications that could occur. A spiral fracture is categorized by several features, which include:

  • The x-ray demonstrates a curved or “corkscrew” appearance on the film.
  • The line of the fracture runs down the long axis of the bone (instead of across the bone).
  • The “spiral” appearance is recognized when multiple x-ray views are obtained.

A spiral fracture is a serious injury that is generated in a particular way.

How Does a Spiral Fracture of the Femur Occur?

A spiral fracture typically occurs when the bottom half of the leg is planted or pinned down as the top half of the leg rotates. This fracture can also be generated reversely. The torque causes a spiral appearance of the fracture. In children, this is often seen when jumping from a great height or when a kid tries to plant his or her foot and make a cut quickly. In adults, this fracture is often seen in auto accidents when someone’s foot is pinned at the front of the car as it rotates. Once the fracture has been diagnosed, treatment options can be discussed.

Watch YouTube Video: Taylor Fedun Broken Femur Rehab Story. This inspiring story follows an athlete’s road to recovery after breaking his femur in a preseason game.

Help from an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer

Ultimately, when someone has been diagnosed with a femur fracture, it is important to begin the treatment process as quickly as possible. If the fracture is non-displaced, a cast can immobilize the bone and give it time to heal. If the fracture is displaced, surgery could be necessary to place the bones back in their proper location. After this, it is a good idea to take some time to meet with a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Spiral fractures are unusual and deserve the full attention of a trained legal professional. It is essential for families to review all of the options available to them before making a decision.

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