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Solo-Vehicle Accident in Sacramento Causes Injuries to Driver

Driver Loses Control of Their Vehicle in an Accident on the El Dorado Freeway 

A facial injury was reported in a solo-vehicle accident on the El Dorado Freeway on July 25. The collision happened around midnight along the westbound U.S. 50 just east of the northbound Watt Avenue on-ramp, according to the report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP). It occurred when a driver in a Nissan Maxima lost control of their vehicle and struck the center divider, becoming trapped inside the vehicle. 

Injured Driver Extricated From Vehicle by Fire Department

Sacramento Fire Department emergency responders arrived at the scene of the solo-vehicle accident to extricate the trapped driver. That person was then transported to UC Davis Medical Center for facial injuries suffered in the crash. The accident is being investigated by authorities to discover what happened to cause the driver to lose control.

Types of Facial Injuries Caused by an Accident

Whether involving multiple cars or in a solo-vehicle accident, facial injuries are not uncommon. Sharp pieces of metal, flying glass or even the airbag can cause serious injuries to the face, which can result in scarring and disfigurement. Some of the injuries to the face resulting from a solo-vehicle accident include:

  • Facial fractures: In an accident, broken bones can occur in the face, such as the nose, cheeks, eyes, jaw and forehead. Some of these injuries can be debilitating and painful, affecting the individual’s ability to speak, eat or see properly.
  • Injuries to soft tissues: Injuries to soft tissues of the face are common in a solo-vehicle accident. When an individual’s face collides with the steering wheel, dash or windshield, they may suffer traumatic damage, which can require a plastic surgeon to repair.
  • Head injuries: A fractured skull or traumatic brain injury can also occur as a result of a solo-vehicle accident. These serious injuries can require long-term hospitalization, surgical intervention and cause a permanent disability.

Losing Control of a Vehicle

There are many reasons a driver can lose control of their car and become involved in a solo-vehicle accident. Although most of the reasons a single-vehicle crashes are due to driver error, other reasons may come into play. They include:

  • Mechanical defects: A mechanical defect, from a steering wheel that suddenly locks to brake failure or a stuck accelerator, can lead to a solo-vehicle accident. When a defective product is a cause, a claim can be placed against the manufacturer and others in the production line to recover injury compensation by filing an auto product liability lawsuit. Retaining a vehicle following an accident is advisable, so it can be examined to check for defects.
  • Road conditions: Adverse road conditions such as potholes, fissures, upheavals and soft shoulders can cause a solo-vehicle accident. The government entity in charge of maintaining the roadway may be liable for any accident injuries. Since the filing time against a government entity is much shorter than for other personal injuries, a lawyer’s advice may help. If the paperwork isn’t filed on time, the case will not be heard in court.
  • Aggressive drivers: Drivers who crowd another vehicle, tailgate and threaten them can end up causing a solo-vehicle accident. An injury attorney can investigate the case and discover whether another driver was involved, so an injured client can place a claim for compensation against the at-fault motorist.

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