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Single-Vehicle Accident Injures Driver in North Highlands

Accident on Auburn Boulevard Causes Injuries to Driver

A single-vehicle accident occurred in North Highlands recently when a car crashed into a pole. The accident occurred around 10:22 in the evening at Auburn Boulevard and Hemlock, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). Officers with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department and Sacramento Metro Fire arrived at the accident scene to discover that the vehicle had not only struck a light pole but had run into a parked vehicle along Auburn Boulevard. 

Driver Trapped Inside Car in Single-Vehicle Accident

The driver was trapped inside their vehicle as a result of the crash, however, sheriff’s deputies were able to extricate the motorist. First responders transported the driver to a nearby hospital for their injuries, which were undescribed. A tow truck was called to remove the vehicle, and Auburn Boulevard westbound was closed while the scene was cleared. An investigation into the cause of the single-vehicle accident is ongoing.

Reasons for a Single-Vehicle Accident

Single-vehicle accidents occur for a variety of reasons. Often, they are based on driver error, but not always. There are several ways a single-vehicle accident can happen due to other influences:

  • Auto defects: There are a number of defects in a passenger vehicle that can cause a single-vehicle accident. These include problems with braking, steering, tires, or the engine itself. The sudden inability to brake or steer or the imbalance caused by a tire blowout can cause the driver to lose control over his or her vehicle. 
  • Manufacturer negligence: The majority of vehicular defects are due to manufacturer negligence. Because of this, an injury attorney can file a product liability lawsuit against the carmaker to recover damages. Due to the doctrine of strict liability in the state of California, negligence does not have to be proven. However, it is necessary to show the vehicle was being used for the purpose to which it was intended and the defective part was not altered.
  • Aggressive drivers: Many single-vehicle accidents appear to be driver error when, in fact, an aggressive motorist caused the incident. This occurs when the aggressive driver tries to crowd another vehicle off the road, tailgates, and performs other illegal and dangerous maneuvers. The aggressive driver then leaves the scene of the accident. However, in an urban setting, these types of accidents are often captured on surveillance footage at traffic and roadway lights.
  • Government negligence: Failure to maintain roads can lead to a single-vehicle accident. This includes upheavals in the pavement, unrepaired potholes, poor lighting, and defects in the shoulder. Because the timeline for filing a claim against a government entity is different, it is important to have an attorney at your side. 

Investigating a Single-Vehicle Accident

As you can see, investigating a single-vehicle accident can be a complicated affair, something that our experienced investigators deal with frequently. Often, the driver of the solo vehicle is injured to the extent that they are not able to describe what happened. This means that the vehicle involved in the accident needs to be examined for marks that indicate another driver was involved. If video footage is available, this is a potent tool for seeing exactly what happened. 

Our investigators also examine the vehicle for signs of defects. This is why it is so important to preserve the vehicle after the accident. We use experts who are adept at doing this so that no stone is left unturned. Our investigators check the roadway for government neglect and lack of repairs. 

We speak to witnesses who saw the accident happen and review the police report to check for mistakes that need to be corrected. Our investigators also do accident reconstruction to determine the movement of the vehicle before, during, and after the crash. If the driver was trying to avoid another vehicle or road impediment, this would be obvious.

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