Sexual Assault Charges Against Elk Grove Teacher

Elk Grove Teacher Charged with Sexual Assault

Teachers are some of the most trusted figures in society and often act as the biggest role models for children, after their parents. Parents trust teachers to take care of their children and act in their best interests at all times, which makes the following story even more disturbing.

Allegations of Sexual Assault Against a Sheldon High School Teacher

While much attention has focused on clergy sexual assault, sexual assault in schools continues to remain a major issue in our state. A local teacher at an Elk Grove Unified high school was recently arrested by the sheriff’s department over allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct with a female teenage student. The 53-year old teacher, from the local Sacramento area, was arrested earlier this week by the local Sacramento police department at his home. The warrant for his arrest was issued based on allegations of oral copulation with a student under 18 years of age. Information relayed to the Sacramento police department stated that the acts occurred 16 times over the past year with a 17-year old student. Upon being made aware of the inappropriate acts, the local high school placed the teacher on administrative leave immediately with further action depending on the results of the investigation.

More than One Arrest

Particularly startling to parents and the local community, the case in question is only one of seven different cases that have been investigated by the Elk Grove school district over the past year. The investigations revealed that three other school employees, including a volunteer crossing guard, were being investigated over allegations of various types of sexual misconduct. In particular, one of the cases from February of this year occurred at Marion Mix Elementary and resulted in allegations of sexual battery and lewd acts with a minor. While many parents cannot fathom such acts taking place in an elementary school, it highlights the idea that parents should remain vigilant at all times. Sexual assault in preschools has also been reported in various locations across the country.

The Impacts of Sexual Assault

Much of the focus in the media points to the punishments levied against the perpetrator, and rightfully so. Individuals who take advantage of their authority to abuse children in such a way deserve to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law; however, the impacts of sexual assault on the individuals themselves often get lost during the legal proceedings. It is important for parents and family members of children who have been targets of sexual assault to remember that there is a significant amount of emotional trauma that victims of sexual assault may go through, including suffering from PTSD. It is vital for the families of individuals who have been targets of sexual abuse in foster care, youth sports leagues, residential care facilities, or schools to consider seeking expert medical attention or therapy to help individuals and their families process what has occurred.

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