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January 02, 2020
Edward Smith

One Dead in Semi-Truck Crash Near Yuba City

According to information reported by California Highway Patrol (CHP), a semi-truck crash near Yuba City left one person with injuries that sadly cost them their life. The collision happened in the morning on Highway 99 just outside of Yuba City and involved two vehicles, including a big rig and a pickup truck. Sutter County Sheriff’s Department authorities say that they are waiting to release the decedent’s full identity. However, reports stated that the decedent was a 40-year-old man from Live Oak. In addition to the decedent, one other person suffered minor injuries during the incident.

Collision Details

The accident occurred at around 9:20 a.m. on the southbound side of 99 between Clark and Paseo Roads. Police indicated that a 2000 GMC pickup was driving north on the highway when, for unknown reasons, the driver lost control and the vehicle crossed over into southbound traffic. Shortly after crossing the median, the GMC collided head-on with a 2014 Peterbilt big rig.

According to reports, CHP, the Sutter County Fire Department, and the Sutter County Sheriff’s Office all assisted with accident response. When responders arrived on-scene, they found that the GMC driver was critically injured. Sadly, the man passed away before he could be taken to a hospital. The big-rig driver reportedly sustained minor facial lacerations and declined to be hospitalized.

Investigation of Semi-Truck Crash Near Yuba City

CHP reports that they are still conducting an investigation into possible factors of the collision. Officers have mentioned that driving under the influence is being investigated as a possible factor. Investigating fatality accidents can be difficult because decedents are not able to give their version of events to investigators. Because of this, key factors often go overlooked during an official investigation.

This is why it’s critical to reach out to a trustworthy attorney who can look into the incident privately. By committing their resources and skills to investigating the accident, an attorney can find out whether or not any negligence was at play during the collision.

Trucking Accidents and Quick Action

After deadly car accidents, families often feel overwhelmed and need to take time to process their grief. However, the companies that own and operate large trucks almost always start building a legal defense against liability right away. In many cases, the company will even send a quick-response legal team to the accident site itself directly after the crash takes place. This team will typically collect their own evidence and witness statements in order to defend the company.

Because trucking companies act quickly, having an attorney on your side early on in a trucking accident case is critical. By seeking out legal help right away, you greatly improve your ability to claim the payments you and your loved ones deserve for the losses that you have suffered.

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