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February 16, 2021
Edward Smith

Accident on Interstate 5 Involves Semi That Leaves the Scene

A semi crash with a passenger vehicle ended up as a hit-and-run with injuries in downtown Sacramento on February 11. The California Highway Patrol (CHP) reported that the big rig continued on after the crash, leaving the passenger vehicle, which was a Chevy Camaro, with at least one injured person inside. The accident happened on northbound I-5 just south of the J Street off-ramp in the downtown area around 9:21 in the morning. 

Accident Injuries Reported in Semi Crash

No information was reported on the type of injuries those in the passenger vehicle suffered or whether they were treated at the accident scene or taken to a hospital. The semi accident is being investigated by the CHP to find out how it happened. 

How an Injury Lawyer Can Help

When you’ve suffered trauma caused by a negligent or hit-and-run driver, you can benefit from the advice of an experienced personal injury attorney. An attorney who specializes in personal injuries can uncover the evidence needed to support your claim. Our investigators review the police report for mistakes and talk to any witnesses. In addition, they perform accident reconstruction and look for area surveillance cameras that may have captured the semi crash on tape, among other investigative techniques. Once located, the trucker can be held responsible.

If the Truck Driver Cannot Be Located

Although my law office has a good record of locating fleeing drivers, sometimes it simply isn’t possible. In these cases, uninsured/underinsured insurance can cover the medical bills and other losses by our injured client. If our client does not carry this add-on policy, but another member of the household does, that insurance can be used. It will not affect the policy rates. 

Accidents Involving a Semi

Being involved in any traffic accident can be frightening and leave you with injuries. However, because a semi is much larger and heavier than a passenger vehicle, the injuries can be worse, and fatalities occur in some of these accidents. Some of the reasons they happen are:

  • Inexperienced driver: Due to a truck driver shortage in California that has been going on for some time, trucking companies may end up hiring a driver who doesn’t have enough experience. Because these vehicles are so large, they are difficult to maneuver, which can cause a semi crash.
  • Blind spots: Big rigs have blind spots on all sides, which makes it difficult for a driver to see. If the driver doesn’t realize a smaller vehicle is in their blind spot, they can cause a big rig accident by speeding up, slowing down, or changing lanes.
  • Speeding: Speeding is a major cause of accidents, including those by big rigs. In their hurry to deliver a load faster, a trucker endangers others around him because it takes a much longer time to stop a semi.
  • Distracted driving: Truckers can also be guilty of this number one cause of traffic accidents. Driving for long distances can become tedious, and the trucker looks for distractions to stay alert. Unfortunately, these distractions take the trucker’s eyes from the roadway, which can lead to a collision.
  • Maintenance problems: Worn tires, bad brakes, and other maintenance issues can lead to a semi crash. If the trucker is employed by a company, both may be liable for injuries caused by an accident.

Sacramento Truck Accident Lawyer

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