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Samsung Note 7 Recall


Samsung Note 7 Recall 

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Burn Injury Lawyer. The newest smartphone on the market, the Samsung Note 7, is subject to a mass recall due to its serious fire hazard. The smartphones have reportedly caught fire while charging.

Lithium-Ion Battery to Blame?

According to Elliot Kaye, the Chairman for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a recall  is underway to collect a million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones. The recall has been set up to protect users of the defective product. The recall allows consumers to receive a new battery for their smartphone or be compensated through a refund for their smartphone purchase.

Watch Youtube Video Note 7 Battery Explosion Caught Live on Camera:

What Purchase Date Is Under Recall?

The Samsung Note 7 smartphones that were purchased prior to the date of September 15, 2016 are under recall. The fire hazard is proposed by the lithium-ion battery that can cause the smartphone to overheat and catch on fire. The smartphone may put consumers at risk for serious burn injuries.

Twenty Six Burn Injuries Reported  

There have been 92 incidents in the United States that were reported to the Samsung company due to the batteries of the Samsung Note 7 overheating. Twenty-six out of the 92 incidents reported include burn injuries and 55 reports include damage to property such as fires erupting in motor vehicles, homes and garages.

The Nature Of Burns

All types of burns are serious, can exceed one’s pain tolerance and should be evaluated by a physician. First and second degree burns are painful but not as severe as third and fourth degree burns described below.

3rd Degree Burns

A 3rd degree burn involves charring to penetrate through every layer of the skin. A third degree burn can cause the skin to have a leather-like appearance with a thicker and rougher texture. The burn can cause fluids to accumulate and cause the area of the skin to have a purple or dark red color. Extensive medical treatment is required for the recovery of third degree burns which include skin grafts and plastic surgery for more severe cases. A third degree burn can affect the range of motion for parts of the body and its limbs. Therefore, physical therapy is utilized in many cases in order to regain the mobility in these regions.

4th Degree Burns

A 4th degree burn is the most severe type of burn injury where the charring penetrates through all layers of the skin, bones and muscles. Fourth degree burns are considered a life-threatening condition. Fourth degree burns can cause permanent damages to the motion and dexterity of the body, limb use and even the loss of toes and fingers. These type of serious burn injuries require multiple mandatory surgeries to establish skin grafts, reconstruction and plastic surgery. Fourth degree burns typically require ongoing treatment for long periods of time.

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