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SaferCar App Issues Recall Alerts

Create a Virtual Garage With SaferCar

The United States Department of Transportation announced in late August 2020 that a mobile app was being launched by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).  The app places an emphasis on safety and is presented in a format that provides convenience for consumers.  The app is Called SaferCar, and it is available for both Android and iOS.  It provides a space for users to save information about their vehicles and automobile accessories, including tires and car seats.  The app serves as a virtual garage that the user can carry with them at all times on their smartphones.  Once all identifying information on the products is added to the app, it will run automatic checks for recalls in the background.  If a recall is issued on a vehicle, auto accessory, or other auto-related product, the user will receive an alert.

James Owens, Deputy Administrator of the NHTSA, explains that the goal of this technology is that vehicle owners will get their free recall repair appointments set up and completed quickly.  The app will also save taxpayer dollars – the technology employs the same tools that are used on the NHTSA website to deliver important safety information to consumers without the necessity of developing additional services.  This cost-saving measure is possible due to the proliferation of consumer mobile devices. 

Increased Recall Frequency 

This innovative idea comes at a time when automobile manufacturer safety recalls have become increasingly common.  At the same time, despite mailed notifications and internet alerts, the rates of completion for recall repairs remain surprisingly low.  Despite other efforts by the NHTSA to improve recall completion rates, a large percentage of vehicle recall repairs are never completed. What that means, of course, is that there are a significant number of automobiles being driven that present a safety risk to the driving public.

Safety-related recalls are issued for a number of reasons, which could include supplier mistakes, problems with technology, quality control failures – really any newly discovered safety issue.

Watch the YouTube video created by the NHTSA on understanding vehicle recalls.

Consumer Privacy

The information entered into the SaferCar app is stored only on the individual’s mobile device.  No personal information is shared with the NHTSA.  This set up ensures a private and safe user experience.  After the consumer has entered the information to set up his or her “virtual garage,” the app runs a check for safety recalls at regular intervals and will send a notification to the user’s phone if a recall issue requires attention. 

What to Do After Receiving a Recall Notification

If you receive a notification about a safety recall for your vehicle or a vehicle part/accessory, open it without delay and be sure to read it in its entirety.  Understand what the identified safety issue is and what the risks are of not taking the vehicle in for remedy.  The intent of the recall notification is to prevent the risk from occurring. Common recalled equipment risks include personal injury, equipment damage, mechanical failure, and fire.  

To review more details about the NHTSA’s SaferCar app and to access the downloadable link, visit

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