Update | Sacramento Two-Vehicle Crash Kills Two

Double Fatality Accident Occurs on Garden Highway 

A two-vehicle crash in Sacramento along Garden Highway on August 7 caused the death of two people and injured two others. The collision occurred around 12:48 a.m. near Northgate Boulevard, according to representatives from the Sacramento Police Department. Officials have recently identified the deceased parties as an 18-year-old Sacramento man and 22-year-old Chavis Jeffrey Felise of Sacramento. 

Two People Transported to Hospital With Injuries After Two-Vehicle Crash

Two people suffered non-life-threatening injuries in the other vehicle. They were transported to a hospital for treatment and additional evaluation. Police detectives are conducting an investigation into the cause of the collision.

Who Pays for My Accident Injuries if Someone Else Caused the Collision?

Normally, the at-fault party’s insurance pays for injuries to others. Collecting all medical costs and lost wages is an important factor in recovering compensation for all expenses. In some cases, the injury continues into the future, and that can be factored into the settlement. 

If the injured party returns to work but can’t perform their previous job and has to take one that pays less, the difference in salaries is factored in. In some cases, the injured party becomes permanently disabled and can no longer work. In these instances, the accident attorney will calculate their wages until their age of retirement. Age and other factors are considered, so having an injury lawyer negotiate for you can make a big difference in the amount of compensation you recover.

What Compensation Can I Claim if I Was Injured by a Negligent Driver?

When you’ve suffered injuries in a two-vehicle crash caused by someone else, you have the right to claim compensation. In personal injury cases, the injured party can recover all of their medical expenses associated with the two-vehicle crash as well as wages they lost from being unable to work and reimbursement for their pain and suffering.

Can I Recover Compensation for My Loved One Who Died in a Two-Vehicle Crash?

If your loved one died because of someone else’s negligence, whether it’s an auto accident or other cause, their immediate family members may be able to recover compensation by filing a wrongful death claim. A personal injury lawyer can help your family by explaining your options going forward, answering any questions you might have and helping you through the process. Among the damages that can be recovered are:

  • Expenses for the funeral and burial
  • Income the decedent would have earned until they would have retired
  • The loss of consortium, love and support is recoverable by the spouse
  • Children in the family may recover compensation for the loss of guidance and nurturing the decedent provided
  • The value of household chores the decedent performed around the home may be recovered, such as caring for the children or lawn care

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