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December 13, 2016
Edward Smith


Sacramento Traffic Surveillance Cameras

Hi I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento Auto Accident Attorney. You’ve probably seen the flashing blue lights on boxes attached to light posts at intersections around town and wondered what they were. For the past 2 years, the Sacramento Police Department have been building and quietly installing boxes around the Sacramento area, with some input from various community groups. The boxes are traffic/surveillance cameras. Called POD’s (Police Observation Devices) and you may find them valuable if you’re in a traffic accident (especially a hit and run) or assaulted on a downtown street.

What do they do?

Sacramento traffic surveillance cameras are there to record what happens at the intersections and take pictures of vehicle license plates. Sacramento Police can then run the license plate through a license plate database and the information can be sent directly to nearby police car computers. The police department is currently setting up a command post for real time coverage. Tapes of footage are being kept for a few weeks and can be accessed by location, time or by date as needed. The cameras run 24 hours a day.

How can they help?

The information they record can be of great assistance to you if you’re in a car accident at one of the 34 intersections at which they have been placed. Intersections are where 50 percent of accidents happen. Think of how a photographic record of your accident can be useful. Testimony from witnesses is seldom accurate and details can be missed or forgotten. Footage from these cameras could provide the proof needed to show the fault was not yours.

Will there be more?

Sacramento Police have plans to install another 20 more POD’s. All in the downtown area at parking garages and street intersections downtown by the new area. They have not yet determined where.

The current 34 Intersections which have cameras are as follows:

Truxel Rd. and Gateway Park Dr.
Northgate Blvd. and San Juan Ave.
Grand and Marysville
Grand and Dry Creek
Marysville and South
Norwood Ave. and Silver Eagle
W. El Camino and Truxel
Rio Linda Blvd. and Eleanor Ave.
Del Paso Blvd. and El Camino
Arden and Heritage
Ethan Way and East Arden entrance
Bercut and Richards Blvd.
3rd and I Street
6th and J Street
10th and K Street
10th and L Street
20th and K Street
Alhambra and K Street
J St. and 56th Street
Broadway and Riverside
Power Inn Rd. and Folsom Blvd.
Stockton Blvd. and Broadway
Franklin Blvd., and Fruitridge
65th St. expressway and Fruitridge
Power Inn Rd. and Fruitridge
Riverside Blvd. and Greehaven Dr.
Pocket and Greeehaven Dr.
24th Street and Florin Rd.
Florin Rd. and Franklin Blvd.
Meadowview and Amhurst
Meadowview Rd. and Detroit Blvd.
Mac Rd. and Center Parkway
Valley High and Bamford

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