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February 15, 2019
Edward Smith

Sacramento Traffic Crash on Bradshaw Road

A Sacramento traffic crash occurred on February 12 along northbound Bradshaw Road in the Vineyard area, causing injuries. According to the California Highway Patrol (CHP), the accident happened just north of Gerber Road shortly after 8:00 in the morning. It involved three vehicles, two of which sustained major damage. Personnel with the Sacramento Fire Department quickly arrived at the scene to assess injuries. It was determined that, among the injured, at least one individual required transport to a hospital for further evaluation.

Further Details of the Accident

The Sacramento traffic crash blocked the number one lane northbound for a short time until tow trucks removed at least two of the vehicles from the accident scene. This accident is under investigation by the CHP to determine the reason it happened and to place fault.

Injuries Caused by a Collision

A Sacramento traffic crash can cause serious injuries that result in lengthy hospitalization, a long recuperative period and lost wages. Some of the more common injuries in an accident include:

  • Brain and head injuries: Even recovery from a concussion can be lengthy, causing long-term headaches, slurred speech, confusion and problems with balance. Symptoms may not appear right away but can occur days to weeks after an accident. More severe traumatic brain injuries may result in permanent disability or death.
  • Spinal cord damage: Most common in T-bone accidents, this kind of injury can sever the spinal cord, which can result in permanent paralysis.
  • Broken bones: Simple fractures may heal in a short period of time. More serious fractures can require surgery to repair and take longer to heal. If the break occurs in the hip, knees or other locations, damage may be extensive and require multiple surgeries.
  • Abdominal injuries: These are caused by impact or the seat belt and can require emergency surgery for internal bleeding or organ damage. The spleen is the most common organ injured in an auto accident.
  • Chest trauma: Chest injuries are caused by the steering wheel, dash or seat belt. If the seat belt is defective, the individual may be ejected through the windshield. Chest injuries can include broken ribs and damage to the lungs or heart. The collarbone is commonly broken in a chest injury.

Legal Advice After an Accident

If you or your loved one is injured in a Sacramento traffic crash caused by someone else’s negligent act, speaking to an experienced personal injury lawyer is a good idea. The lawyer can help by negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf. Many cases are resolved in this way. However, not all insurance companies are willing to pay out the amount of money you will need to cover all of your medical bills and other expenses. When this happens, an attorney can build a strong case to present in civil court, so that you can recover the damages you deserve and need.

Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. Injuries caused by a Sacramento traffic crash can cause financial distress from mounting medical bills and other costs. If the accident was caused by another’s negligence, the injured person may be able to collect compensation to pay those costs. Please contact me for free, friendly advice at either (916) 921-6400, toll-free (800) 404-5400 or through my convenient contact form.

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