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Sacramento Traffic Crash Ends in Passenger Injury

Vehicle Passenger Injured in Collision at Carro Drive Intersection

A Sacramento traffic crash involving two vehicles on June 10 ended up with one person being transported to a hospital. The collision happened at the Carro Drive intersection with Northrop Avenue in the Arden-Arcade area around 6:37 in the morning, according to the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The accident, which occurred between a Toyota and BMW sedan, blocked the middle of the roadway. 

One Injured Patient Transported to Local Hospital Following Traffic Crash

First responders with the Sacramento Fire Department transported a passenger from one of the vehicles to UC Davis Medical Center for medical care and evaluation. The CHP is investigating the traffic crash to determine fault.

Accidents at Intersections

More than half of all traffic collisions occur at intersections, according to the latest government statistics. Negligent drivers are the usual cause, although not entirely. A malfunctioning traffic light or other lack of maintenance can result in a traffic crash at an intersection. So can a defect in the automobile, which interferes with braking, steering, or the accelerator. However, negligent drivers can cause a collision for the following reasons:

  • Running a red light is the most common cause of a traffic crash at an intersection.
  • Failure to yield leads to many intersection crashes, including those with pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Going through a yellow light causes crashes because the driver tends to speed up to avoid being caught when the traffic signal turns red.
  • Making a right turn where it is not allowed leads to a traffic crash because other motorists do not anticipate this.
  • Making a right turn when other drivers are in the way and there is no clear path can cause an accident.
  • Refusal to slow down during inclement weather conditions such as rain or snow can lead to an accident.
  • Being rear-ended can push a car into an intersection and involve a collision with multiple vehicles.
  • Distracted driving takes the motorist’s attention away from the roadway and is often caused by texting or chatting on a cell phone.
  • Drunk drivers are responsible for many accidents, especially after dark or on weekends.

Determining Who Is at Fault in an Intersection Traffic Crash

The driver who is found at fault is the one who has broken a traffic law usually. By investigating the cause of the accident, a personal injury attorney can assist an injured person in obtaining compensation. Compensation that can be recovered includes wages that were lost by the injured party from being unable to work, all of their medical costs associated with the traffic crash, and reimbursement for their pain and suffering.

Over the many years my law office has been open, we’ve assisted numerous people in obtaining compensation following an intersection traffic crash. It’s bad enough to suffer an injury that isn’t your fault. You shouldn’t have to bear the financial burden as well. 

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