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November 22, 2016
Edward Smith

Sacramento Traffic

Sacramento Highway Traffic

Sacramento Traffic

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car crash attorney. What highway would you think wins the prize for the worst traffic congestion in the Sacramento region? Well, simply put, they’re all winners in their own special way. Being stuck on any of the highways I am about to list, can test the patience of even the best of us. Our goal in listing them is to raise awareness of some of the things that go on along these highways in order to reduce the number of auto accidents occuring on them.

Downtown Interstate 5

Due to all the downtown daily commuters and the multiple mergers and exits between Highway 50 and Interstate 80, this particular stretch of Interstate 5 which moves through the downtown corridor creates a very unpredictable black hole of traffic. We often wonder why this freeway seems to generate so much anxiety. Perhaps it is the number of truck accidents that happen along Interstate 5. We’ve also seen a high incident of motorcycle accidents occuring through this area. Another reason this area invokes anxiety is because there are many first-timers trying to make there way over to the airport to catch a flight. Bottom line, Interstate 5 tops our list for Sacramento traffic congestion.

Yolo Causeway 

We have seen a number of drunk driving accidents occur along the Yolo Causeway lately. This elevated 3.2 mile stretch of highway viaduct along I-80 crosses over the Yolo bypass floodplain. It also acts like a funnel for westbound commuters merging from Interstate 5, Highway 50 and the Interstate 80 “across the top” section. You can bet your Aunt Mary’s famous apple pie that you won’t get anywhere fast on this stretch of road whether it is Sunday morning or the middle of rush hour. This area crawls between West Sacramento and Davis. We all know how tedious the drive is as we inch our way into Dixon and Vacaville. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just move along at a decent clip? Perhaps we should be grateful. This route still pleases many of us who no longer have to commute through Stockton or Tracy.

The Grid

Watch out for distracted drivers as you are making your way along the grid. There are many two-way to one-way conversions and lots of light rail activity. Pedestrian injuries and bicycle accidents are more common in this vicinity as well. With the opening of the Golden 1 Center Sacramento traffic may increase in leaps and bounds on the grid. Use extra caution and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination.

Westbound W/X Section of Highway 50

This particular stretch of Highway 50, between Interstate 5 and Highway 99 travels the southern portion of the downtown grid. For those of us heading westbound on Highway 50, you might want to keep to your left. Not only do multiple highways funnel into one; it’s also where vehicles compete at cross-purposes. You’ll find cars merging from Highway 50 onto Interstate 5 and from the Business 80 and Highway 99 onto Highway 50. You might want to have all your ducks in a row before you attempt to enter westbound Highway 50 from the grid. One moment of inattention or hesitation and you just may become the victim of a motor vehicle accident.

Arden Way Exit off Business 80

Arden way is a prime example of what can happen when strip mall meets the real mall. It is a heavily travelled thoroughfare that takes us from the most popular freeway into the most popular urban-interior area. Arden Way is hazardous due to stop and go motorists. We’ve seen many fender-bender and hit and run accidents occuring through this area.

What is the Solution to our Sacramento Traffic?

That is a good question. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. Some people take public transportation, others set up carpools, choose to ride their bikes or telecommute to combat Sacramento traffic. Others, simply give themselves plenty of time to get to their destinations. They get plenty of rest at night in order to stay positive and alert while dealing with terrible drivers, inclement road conditions and Sacramento traffic. The silver lining may be that things could always be worse. At least we don’t have to deal with Los Angeles traffic.

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