Sacramento Traffic Accident Involves Seven Vehicles

Sacramento Traffic Accident Involves Seven Vehicles

A Sacramento traffic accident occurred during the morning hours of January 8 that resulted in a call for two ambulances and multiple tow trucks to clear the scene. Because of the collision, which involved at least seven vehicles, part of the northbound lanes on Bradshaw Road were closed south of California State Route 16. Alternate routes of travel were advised for those driving in the area to avoid a backup in traffic.

Details of the Sacramento Traffic Accident

According to a report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP), phone calls began coming in at around 7:19 in the morning about the collision that involved multiple vehicles. Upon arrival, officers discovered that the crash involved a white sedan, dark sedan, Honda CRV, gray pickup truck, moving truck, cement truck and an additional vehicle that was undescribed. Several lanes of northbound Bradshaw Road were blocked by most of the vehicles involved. The CHP will be in charge of an investigation into the crash to determine why it happened and to place fault.

Multiple Vehicle Traffic Collisions

Being involved in a Sacramento traffic accident that involves multiple vehicles is even more frightening than a regular traffic collision. After the initial crash, a vehicle may be struck multiple times by other cars or trucks, compounding injuries. Because this type of accident is complex, it is a good idea to consult with a seasoned personal injury lawyer afterward. Others involved in the collision will be seeking legal representation to make injury claims and minimize their involvement. This is particularly important in a comparative fault state such as California.

How Comparative Fault Works in an Accident

In a comparative fault state, a percentage of fault can be assigned in an accident to anyone who is proven to be negligent. For example, in a multiple vehicle Sacramento traffic accident, let’s assume the first vehicle stopped short without signaling because the driver wanted to make a turn. The second vehicle was traveling at a normal rate of speed and signaled to change lanes to avoid the car but was unable to move over. However, the third driver was speeding and didn’t see the cars in time, hitting the second vehicle and pushing it into the first car. An individual received serious injuries in the first two vehicles.

Establishing Fault

In an imaginary Sacramento traffic accident, that mirrors the above. The first driver is found to be at fault for stopping short without signaling. The second driver carries no fault in the accident because no negligence was involved with this vehicle. The driver did what he or she was supposed to do and broke no traffic laws. The driver of the third vehicle is found at fault because they were speeding. In this case, driver number two would be able to collect 100 percent of the compensation for injuries from both negligent drivers. Driver number one is found to be 40 percent at fault and can collect 60 percent of the damages caused by driver number three. Driver number three is also found 60 percent fault but suffered no injuries to place a claim.

Injuries in a Sacramento Traffic Accident

The types of injuries vary from one crash to another in a Sacramento traffic accident. Some of the more common ones are:

  • Fractures: Fractures are a common injury. Some such as a femur or pelvic fracture have longer rehabilitation times and often require surgery.
  • Brain Injury: Brain injuries can vary from mild such as with a concussion to severe. The more severe injuries include those that cause bleeding into the brain or nerve tissue destruction.
  • Chest trauma: Blunt trauma to the chest can result in serious injury. This can be caused by chest restraints or when the body connects with the steering wheel or dash. If the ribs are fractured, a jagged edge can puncture the lungs, causing a medical emergency. The heart can also be bruised by blunt force chest trauma.
  • Abdominal trauma: This is a common injury when a car is being hit multiple times in a multi-vehicle crash, particularly in a T-Bone collision. The organs can be bruised or torn, leading to the release of their contents into the abdominal cavity. When this happens, surgery is needed.

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