Sacramento to Host 2021 Ironman Triathlon

Sacramento’s First Ironman

Exciting news for Sacramento was recently announced – the city’s first Ironman Triathlon competition will be held in October 2021. There are only eight Ironman races throughout the United States each year, so it is a big deal to be a chosen host city and further testament that Sacramento’s reputation as a tourist destination is on the rise. 

Ironman competitions have been held a few times throughout the state of California, but this is the first time one will be held in Sacramento. Mike Testa, president of Visit Sacramento, relayed the intention to make the Sacramento event the largest in the country.  

A Boom for Business

 An event of this size will not only bring thousands of elite athletes to Sacramento but also their family and friends who may accompany the participants as support and to watch the events. Each Ironman race averages approximately 2,000 finishers. This will be positive economically for the region’s hotels, restaurants, and other retail establishments.  

What is the Ironman?

The Ironman is a long-distance race that is organized by the World Triathlon Corporation. The distance covered by an Ironman course is:

Swimming: 2.4 miles (3.86 kilometers)

Cycling: 112 miles (180.25 kilometers)

Running: 26.22 miles (42.20 kilometers)

The events are completed in the above order. The total distance equals 140.62 miles, and it is expected that all participants will have completed the course within 17 hours.  

The date for the race has been set for October 24, 2021. Registration will open in July of this year (2020). 

The Course

The official course has not yet been determined. The swimming portion of an Ironman is open water, so it will remain to be seen which portion of the American or Sacramento Rivers will be utilized. The marathon and biking sections will likely include portions of the American River Bike Trail, in addition to winding through residential areas, similar to the route of the California International Marathon, which is held each January.  

Watch the YouTube video: How to Train For Your First Triathlon. If the idea of such a grueling event interests you, see what it takes to train!

The City’s Preparation

There is much work to be done in the year and a half leading up to the event.  One particularly sensitive issue is the concern over the E. coli levels found in parts of the river within Sacramento’s city limits. Numerous homeless camps are situated along the city’s riverbanks, and the river serves as a bathroom facility for the campers. Clearly, the status of the river water could present a health concern for potential swimmers. 

Announcement of the Ironman event came just days after a new Sacramento ordinance was unanimously approved by the City Council that bans camping within twenty-five feet of riverfront levees.  The ban is said to address the threat of wildfires and also protect the levees which have been affected by holes that have been dug in the land surrounding the river.  It also seems reasonable to draw a correlation between the approval of the camping ban and the announcement of this large, prestigious athletic event coming to our city.  

Implementation of the camping ban will begin next month.  

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