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October 28, 2016
Edward Smith

Sacramento Surveillance Cameras

I’m Ed Smith, a Sacramento car accident lawyer. The city of Sacramento is integrating more cameras to record video and monitor motorist activity throughout the city. Some people believe the cameras act as a second pair of eyes for authorities to cut down crime in the city, while others feel it is an invasion of privacy. Our auto accident attorneys like the idea of the camera as they help us determine who is at fault in a car collision. Here is some information we would like to share with our readers about the new camera locations.

Golden 1 Center – Installation of 10 New Sacramento Surveillance Cameras

The Sacramento Police Department has installed 10 new surveillance cameras in the vicinity of the new Golden 1 Center. Police have been able to solve cases including locating missing people, arresting felons and retrieving stolen vehicles with the help of these cameras also known as PODS.

Officials Say Sacramento Surveillance Cameras Help Solve Crime

  • The city of Sacramento has 46 PODS situated throughout the city.
  • Police surveillance PODS have assisted law enforcement in solving more than 200 cases in 2016.
  • License plate information is stored for up to two years in Sacramento’s database. However, the video surveillance footage is disposed of within a 3 week period.

Do You Have a List of Where the New Sacramento Surveillance Cameras (PODS) are Located?

Yes. The following intersections are set up with new video camera surveillance PODS:

  • Truxel Boulevard and West El Camino Avenue
  • Natomas Boulevard and West Elkhorn Boulevard
  • San Juan Avenue and Northgate Boulevard
  • Gateway Parks Drive and Truxel Road
  • The entrance for East Arden Way and Ethan Way
  • Eleanor Avenuea nd Rio Linda Boulevard
  • Dry Creek Road and Grand Avenue
  • Heritage Lane and Arden Way
  • Silver Eagle Road and Norwood Avenue
  • The entrance for the L Street Parking Garage and 10th Street
  • The exit for the L Street Parking Garage and 10th Street
  • I Street and 3rd Street
  • H Street and 7th Street
  • K Street and 7th Street
  • I Street and 9th Street
  • I Street and 5th Street
  • K Street and 10th Strete
  • L Street and 4th Street
  • N Street and 3rd Street
  • N Street and 5th Street
  • Capitol Mall and 9th Street
  • K Street and 20th Street
  • J Street and 5th Street
  • H Street and 12th Street
  • Richards Boulevard and Bercut Drive
  • Riverside Boulevard and Broadway
  • Florin Road and 24th Street
  • Greenhaven Drive and Riverside Boulevard
  • Greenhaven Drive and Florin Road
  • Fruitridge Road and Franklin Boulevard
  • Greenhaven Drive and Pocket Road
  • Amherst Drive and Meadowview Road
  • Franklin Boulevard and Florin Road
  • Bamford Drive and Valley Hi Drive
  • Center Parkway and Mack Rad
  • Detroit Boulevard and Meadowview Road
  • Julliard Drive and Folsom Boulevard
  • Howe Avenue and La Riviera Drive
  • Fruitridge Road and Power Inn Road
  • Fruitridge Road and Stockton Boulevard
  • K Street and Alhambra Boulevard
  • Folsom Boulevard and Power Inn Road
  • Fruitridge Road and 6th Street Expressway
  • Broadway and Stockton Boulevard

Today we have given you the list of new surveillance cameras. In a future post, we plan to bring you the entire list of each and every surveillance camera located within the city of Sacramento. So stay tuned!

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