Sacramento Single-Vehicle Crash Causes Injuries

Vehicle Goes Airborne and Crashes Into Fence at Residence

A single-vehicle crash occurred during the evening of May 1 when a driver lost control and ended up going airborne and flying off Highway 160. The car experienced a rollover and crashed into a fence at a Sacramento residence. 

One Person Critically Injured in Single-Vehicle Crash

The single-vehicle crash occurred off Highway 160 at the exit for Del Paso Boulevard around 8:00 p.m. The entire incident was captured on the surveillance camera at the residence where it happened. According to a spokesperson for the Sacramento Fire Department, one person inside the vehicle suffered critical injuries in the collision. 

Local Resident Says Accidents in the Area are Common

Philip Tyler, a resident at the mobile home where the car landed, said the single-vehicle crash occurred just a short distance from his front door. He said he heard no brakes or squealing from the car and that accidents along that area of the roadway occurred a minimum of every two weeks. His neighbors agreed.

Neighbors Full of Suggestions on How to Improve Road Safety in the Area

Many of the nearby residents expressed their concern about the dangers of the off-ramp and obviously thought something should be done to make the area safer because of the frequent accidents. Some suggestions were to improve the street markings, signs, and barriers, while one neighbor suggested placing blinking lights on the 35 mph speed limit sign.

Accidents of This Type Can Be Reported to Caltrans

People who are concerned about the safety of a particular roadway can call Caltrans or go online to submit a customer service request. Caltrans normally waits for an incident report by the California Highway Patrol (CHP) to arrive, and then their safety unit is sent out to investigate. The person submitting the request can expect a response within 10 days.

Claims Against Government Entities in a Single-Vehicle Crash

Government entities in charge of roadways are expected to provide safe road designs, proper signage and other safety features. When they fail to do so and a single-vehicle crash or other accident occurs, resulting in injuries or fatalities, the government entity in charge may be held financially liable. However, because of the complicated paperwork and short timeline before the statute of limitations is reached, having an injury lawyer handle your case can be worthwhile. If any of those deadlines are missed, your claim against the government entity will not be allowed.

The injured party has up to six months to file the claim from the time the injury occurred, which is much shorter than other personal injuries. When the claim has been filed, the government has 45 days to answer it. If they deny the claim, the injured party has to file a lawsuit within the following six months. If no response is received from the government entity at all, the injured party has to sue within two years. 

When pursuing an action against a government or any public entity, it is important to stay on top of the deadlines. Your injury lawyer can ensure that all the paperwork has been completed correctly and none of the deadlines are missed.

Car Accident Lawyer in Sacramento

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