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October 07, 2022
Edward Smith

Single-Vehicle Accident on Stockton Boulevard Sends One Person to Hospital

A single-vehicle crash in Sacramento occurred on October 4 after a driver ran into a light pole. The accident happened on Stockton Boulevard between McMahon Drive and Lemon Hill Avenue around 6:29 p.m. Both the California Highway Patrol (CHP) and Sacramento police responded to the accident scene, where it was initially reported as a hit-and run. 

One Injured Patient Transported to Nearby Hospital

One patient involved in the collision was transported to Kaiser South Sacramento Medical Center for evaluation and treatment. The accident is under investigation to find out why it occurred.

Defective Auto Parts

If a vehicle isn’t driving correctly because it contains a defective part, it can lead to a serious single-vehicle crash. Some of the types of defects that can occur are:

  • Defective brakes – If a car’s brakes are not in good working condition, the driver may not be able to stop the vehicle in time to avoid an accident.
  • Engine failure – If the engine fails while the car is in motion, the driver may not be able to maintain control.
  • Steering failure – If the steering system fails, the driver may not be able to turn the car in the direction they want to go, potentially causing an accident.
  • Tire blowout – If a tire suddenly loses air pressure, it can cause the driver to lose control of the car and result in a single-vehicle crash.
  • Electrical problems – If there are electrical problems with the car, it may affect its ability to be driven properly, potentially causing an accident.

In cases where a defective auto part caused an accident injury, the injured party may file a product liability claim against the manufacturer and others.

Animals Can Cause a Single-Vehicle Crash

If an animal crosses the road in front of a car, the driver may swerve to avoid hitting it, potentially causing a single-vehicle accident. If the animal happens to be livestock that escaped, such as a horse or cow, the owner of the property may be held liable for injuries.

Government Negligence of Roadway Maintenance Can Lead to a Single-Vehicle Crash 

If a roadway is in poor condition or badly designed, it can make driving more difficult and increase the chances of an accident occurring. Some of the causes of an accident involving government neglect include:

  • Potholes – If the government fails to repair potholes in a timely manner, it can cause damage to vehicles and potentially result in an accident.
  • Poor lighting – If lighting on a roadway isn’t adequate, it can make driving conditions more difficult and increase the chances of an accident occurring.
  • Poor signage – If the government fails to properly place signs on a roadway, drivers may not be aware of them and it could potentially cause a solo vehicle accident.
  • Debris – If debris is present in a roadway, it can cause damage to vehicles and potentially cause an accident by making the driver lose control.
  • Poor design – A poorly designed roadway may have blocked views, dangerous turns and curves too tight to navigate safely, leading to a single-vehicle crash.

When government negligence causes an accident, a claim may be placed against that entity to recover compensation. However, the statute of limitations expires to file these claims in only six months, so getting help from an accident attorney may be advisable.

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